Rapid Fire Friday with Sales Development Leader Nicolette Mullenix

I’m so excited to have my friend and sales development powerhouse, Nicolette Mullenix, join us for this week’s Rapid Fire Friday.

Nicolette’s official title is Director of Sales Development, but she’s so, so much more. Overseeing a team of one million*, high-energy, always-hungry SDRs, Nicolette orchestrates the entire inside sales process with a steady confidence, cool demeanor, attention to detail, and wisdom beyond her years. While she is a force with whom to be reckoned, she has a rabid fan base that extends far beyond the sales team.

Nicolette has only been with Dynamic Signal for a year, and she’s completely overhauled and improved the Sales Development process, all while tripling the size of her team and expanding to EMEA.

Between “Nicolette’s Recommended Read of the Week” and her Business Casual Challenge (there was a steak dinner on the line for SDR managers who stepped up their work attire game), this sales leader is deeply committed to development. Nicolette is invested in ensuring that her team is continually growing inside of our (obviously) rad organization. She’s created growth tracks for our SDRs that include everything from management to strategy, and she selflessly hands her prodigies over to other teams who joyfully reap the benefits of her nurturing. (Did I mention that we’re still hiring and she’s an incredible #BossLady?)

Nicolette is a rock. And she’s cool AF.

Check her out in this #DySiRFF. We know you wish she was on your team. But hands off, she’s ours!

*numbers may have been exaggerated… but it’s hard to tell for sure.

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