Rapid Fire Friday with Kwabena Keene

Listen. You really never know what you’re gonna get with these Rapid Fire Friday videos.

You think you know a colleague and then you find out something new and terrible. Like the fact that this week’s featured #DySiTeam member, Kwabena Keene, doesn’t like avocados. In California, that’s basically a criminal offense.

But Kwabena happens to have a personality that lights up the room, which is a fortunate upside for this SDR whose name is so rhythmically beautiful it lends itself to song. (We actually have a little sing-songy thing we do when we say his name. It gets stuck in my head for days.)

As a Sales Development Representative, Kwabena is on the front lines of our Dynamic Signal sales efforts and he’s passionate about ensuring that the market understands what Dynamic Signal does, why it matters, and how our platform works to solve the challenges facing communications professionals today. This requires a strong knowledge of our category, competition, our product, and the specific use cases that relate to the companies and industries we sell to. (And he does it well!)

We often talk about how there’s an odd amount of artistic talent at Dynamic Signal, and Mr. Keene is certainly in that elite group- because he’s a triple-threat. He dances (mostly in his chair at his desk), he sings, and he paints! But you can learn more about this Tar Heel if you stop reading and start watching the video below.

And if you want to catch Kwabena and his SDR colleagues, large and in-charge with mic-dropping karaoke performances, just swing by Silver Clouds in SF on Thursday nights. They’ll be there.

Be warned. After you hear Kwabena sing, you’ll probably want to give him a hug and buy him a drink.

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