Rapid Fire Friday with Corporate Account Executive Ryan Lennox

We’re tapping into a new team for this week’s #DySiRFF… Corporate Sales!

Meet Ryan Lennox. This Jersey native (sadly, with no trace of an accent) joined Dynamic Signal just over two and a half years ago, but has already held three different roles!

Beginning as an SDR on what is now Nicolette’s team, Ryan has had quite the journey here at DySi.

In 2014 our secret skateboard star (check him out at the 5:15 mark), began his time here as an Enterprise SDR, working with large companies (5,000 employees and up!) across the country. In the Fall of 2015 Ryan was selected to help pioneer the newly emerging Corporate Team as Dynamic Signal expanded its offerings to organizations with one to 5000 employees. From there he very quickly moved into a closing role as a Corporate Account Executive.

And then, just 10 months ago Ryan was minted with a new title-  Senior Corporate Account Executive. (Have I mentioned we believe in career development, and internal promotions… and we’re hiring!?) In addition to his sales duties, Ryan also helps to on-board and train new members of the corporate team. And since people really, really like him, it works out pretty well.

Ryan loves working for this critical division of our company, (which accounts for 50 percent of our really amazing customers) because he gets to watch their rapid growth and help them communicate with their employees with the efficiency and personalization they need.

The consummate ambassador for DySi, he reminded me to say that this is an exciting time in the company, and a great time to join and take advantage of our growth. (Got it?

Want to guess Ryan’s unexpected favorite brand? You won’t get it. Don’t beat yourself up, just watch the video.



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