Rapid Fire Friday with Senior Product Manager Idoh Gersten

Rapid Fire Friday was created to give you a behind the scenes look at the people who contribute to our incredible problem-solving technology, and make Dynamic Signal such a special place to work.

I love that I get to highlight the talent and personalities that make up our smart, quirky, collaborative DNA. But there are days when it’s just not enough, and I find myself wishing we had our own reality TV show. Because trust me, you’re missing some good stuff.

It the case of this week’s #DySiRFF with Idoh Gersten, the behind the scenes of the behind the scenes was where it was at.

My friend Idoh here, is a pensive fella. He needs to elaborate. 15 seconds to answer one question, let alone five was a challenge- but one he was willing to tackle. We talked it through ahead of time and tried to pick very linear questions. (After quickly realizing the first set we wanted to throw at him just wasn’t going to work.)

This ruminative soul (in the most endearing way) is a perfect fit for our very thoughtful product team. Deeply committed to representing the customer to engineering, and ensuring their needs are championed when it comes to building the product, Idoh quickly finds his way to the top of everyone’s list of favorite people. Much like his answers in the video below, Idoh carefully considers every angle, every instance, and the best possible solution. This thinking might not lend itself well to our weekly blog series, but it certainly makes for incredible software.

This last year on the Product Team is Idoh’s second tour of Dynamic Signal duty. He also logged a year and a half with Product in the early days of the company, and prior to that, he worked for CEO, Russ Fradin, and CTO, Steve Heyman, at their previous company, Adify. He’s a lifer.

Most recently, Idoh has been working on the highly anticipated Newsletter feature of Dynamic Signal’s platform. And let me tell you- It’s very clear that he’s internalized the needs of communication professionals. We’ve been loving Newsletters for our own internal use, and after the latest release, our customers are pumped on this critical communication tool.

We absolutely delight in Idoh and we’re sure you will, too!

(What you can’t see in the video below are Graphic Designer, Debbie, and Social Media Manager, Katie, doing everything they can to keep quiet and contain their giggles as they watched the internal struggle our friend faced in fighting back the many, many ways he wanted to further explain his answers. )


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