Rapid Fire Friday with New CMO Joelle Kaufman

It’s likely you’ve seen our big news by now, but if you missed it: WE HAVE A CMO!

(And we’re really excited.)

So, it seemed only fitting that this week’s #DySyRFF would feature the latest addition to our Executive Leadership Team, Joelle Kaufman.

Joelle is a rockstar. And not just in that Silicon Valley, “Rockstar, Ninja, Guru” way. (I mean, yes. That, too.) But she’s actually in a band. The Suburban Outlaws, if you were wondering. And much like the role she’s taking on here at DySi, she’s a passionate, attention-grabbing, totally fearless Front Woman. Just take a look at her thoughts in Inc.

And speaking of bands, Joelle’s appointment to the #DySiTeam is a bit of a reunion tour. CEO Russ, and CTO Steve, already knew the star power we were getting in Joelle, because she was the first CMO at their previous company, Adify. And now that this band is back together, we’re looking pretty darn unstoppable.

From day one, Joelle has been relentlessly focused on how we can better understand and serve our customers. She’s jumped right in the mix with a commitment to create a movement to fix today’s broken company communications. (Our ThinkTanks are just the beginning!)

Equal parts data-driven and creative, Joelle is setting the stage for our customers to be equipped with all the tools and tips they need for strong company communication that drives alignment, productivity, engagement, and a workforce of front line employees who feel valued, connected, and empowered. We know that this widespread issue of poor company communication is an urgent business problem, costing companies billions of dollars every year. We’re excited to have Joelle on the team to help us change that once and for all!

Seeing as how she’s my new boss, I would have given Joelle extra time to answer her questions, but of course she coolly breezes through all five Rapid Fire Friday questions with a couple seconds to spare. (And shares one of the best celebrity counter stories ever.)


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