Rapid Fire Friday with VP of Integrated Marketing Jason Seeba

This week’s #DySiRFF is serving multiple purposes.

Not only do you get to learn more about our team this week, but this is also our way of officially announcing we have a Vice President of Integrated Marketing! (More on that below.)

Meet Jason Seeba. He’s been described as a gentle giant and the most technical non-coder you’ll ever meet. (Facts.) Jason is thoughtful, strategic, brilliant, and very much a technology nerd. Even though he’s just a few weeks in, we can’t remember how we lived without him.

So it’s obvious why he came to us as part of a package deal. After working with, and then succeeding, our CMO, Joelle, at a prior company, she made sure that our “putting the band back together” trend continued- And she gifted us with Jason. (Hashtag Blessed.)

And if you’re wondering what the heck Jason’s role as VP of Integrated Marketing involves, I’m happy to tell you. This Silicon Valley native is responsible for everything in marketing that drives demand across sales development, demand generation, marketing operations, marketing technology, and events.

Jason works with his team to create a seamless, consistent, and positive experience from the second someone learns about Dynamic Signal, to the handoff to an Account Executive. Dynamic Signal is solving big problems for companies with broken communication across the enterprise. Jason is here to make sure we’re getting in front of the right executives and communication professionals, so they get the information, resources, and help they need from us.

The other pretty rad thing about Jason is how much he cares about giving back to his community of marketers. He regularly speaks at events about MarTech and ABM, and runs the Silicon Valley Marketo User Group. He’s got the exact kind of collaborative spirit on which the #DySiTeam thrives !

Jason, as you’ll learn in this video, is a big music buff. It was his love for music that sucked him into the world of tech. (Because let’s be honest, no kid in the 80’s was saying, “When I grow up I want to run integrated marketing.”) When you’re one part music lover, and one part tech geek, the natural progression is to start a couple of radio stations and join an early-stage startup doing P2P streaming, before Napster, but way before. <—At the age of NINETEEN!

(Even before his MBA, Jason was an over-achiever.)


As San Jose natives, Jason and I have a ton of network overlap. And I’m not just talking about colleagues. I mean people who have known us since we had braces. So I felt comfortable pushing him on some bonus fun facts. First, he shyly admits that not only was his wife his Senior Prom date, but they were Homecoming King and Queen together! Which is seriously cool.

ALSO, while Jason claims to be retired from his days as a wedding DJ, shortly after we filmed this, I serendipitously received a text message from a mutual friend who seems to prove otherwise… My spidey sense tells me Jason is just playing it cool and he may possibly be available to knock your guests socks off.

Jason’s love of music continues (check out his answer to “Most recent concert”!), and this semi-secret DJ still makes an annual playlist that you can get here.



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