Rapid Fire Friday with Director of Customer Success David Hsu

Everyone knows by now that #DYSiRFF requires the DySi Team member to answer 5 questions in 15 seconds. And despite the fact that we clearly laid the ground rules… This is not the most rapid of Rapid Fire Fridays. But that’s okay. Because Director of Customer Success, David Hsu is a thoughtful guy.

He’s also pretty wise as you’ll find out in this video. (Equal parts strategic and cool.)

David’s team is AWESOME. They’re a fun group of genuinely terrific human beings who care deeply about ensuring the success of our customers. And under David’s leadership, they’re doing just that. Dynamic Signal is a Customer Success obsessed organization so David’s work in driving customer value, satisfaction, retention, and growth is core to who we are as a company. (Also. He’s hiring.)

An entrepreneur at heart (David previously founded his own company!), this CS star has developed internal processes, collateral, and some pretty solid playbooks to streamline the customer on-boarding and post-launch activities so that every step of the customer experience is seamless and successful. And it’s clearly working- Customers love David, and they never leave DySi.

The same considered balance David shows in his answer to my question about his favorite annual tradition is also highlighted in how he runs his team. In the 2.5+ years that David has spent managing the success of customer programs, he’s been equally focused on his team’s professional growth and development. A proactive mentor, David is always willing to roll up his sleeves and help however he can. (Trust me… He’s answered so many questions for me over the last year that I’m surprised he hasn’t requested to sit somewhere much farther away!)

David gives a shout out to his wife (and Fantasy Football) and builds a semi-defensible case for Costco on Saturday. I’d still really like to get to the bottom of the decision making in his college days, so maybe you can join his team and do some recon for us all.

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