Rapid Fire Friday with Cameron Lim

Partnerships are fun. It’s all about the win, win. How can we all help each other out to deliver maximum value? Answering this question is the super cool job of this week’s featured #DySyTeam member.

And our Senior Director of Partnerships, Cameron Lim, is having fun. His job is to find great eco-system partners who are aligned in our goal to improve company communication for organizations around the globe- and he loves it.

Technology partnerships bring new capabilities to our platform and increase visibility of Dynamic Signal’s problem-solving solution in the marketplace. Which is important. Because we’ve got some awesome technology that’s already helping the top and bottom line business goals for 20 percent of the Fortune 500. (#HumbleBrag)

Cam gets to work with product marketing, product management and engineering as we develop (some pretty rad) integrations. He also gets to work with other And he does much of this from his home in Tahoe.

If you’re a little jealous by now, that’s okay. We get it.

But you can’t be mad at a guy who drops a Starsky and Hutch reference and loves burritos. Cameron is also a super-dad of 2 girls who ski race, and a Rhodesian Ridgeback that is currently looking for lions to chase in Incline Village. He’s likely on a conference call right now while his girls are skiing or hiking.

Check out this week’s #DySiRFF footage… You’re about to become a Cameron Lim fan.

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