Rapid Fire Friday with Jeff Frese

As you already know, Customer Success is a critical function here at Dynamic Signal. Sometimes serving as the customer’s BFF (As Jeff points out below), our Customer Success Managers are obsessive about making sure every program is hitting KPIs, meeting specific needs, gaining adoption, and optimizing as they grow. And CSM Jeff Frese loves leading the charge as the go-to guy for the DySi customers in his care. He’s coming up on his two year mark, during which time he’s been rapidly building a fan club.

There are a couple of important things to note about this post. First, we’re clearly going to have to post some follow up pics in May. Because as Jeff shared, he’s training for a BODY BUILDING COMPETITION!  And it would just be unfair of him to give us that teaser and then not share his overly spray tanned face.

Second, Jeff eats an inappropriate amount of pasta. By his own admission, two to three pounds a day! That’s nuts. But I supposed it aligns with the amount of time he spends in the weight room. I felt like we needed more information about this pasta consumption, so I got details.

His go-to is rotini. Which he eats almost every day with homemade marinara. (Obviously he can’t have that sugary stuff from the store.) So every Sunday, after tending to his garden, Jeff cooks up a big batch of homemade goodness to use throughout the week.

Finally, you should know that Jeff’s team has been asking us to interview him for #DySiRFF. And now we know why! He’s another super fascinating member of the #DySiTeam. (Have I mentioned we’re hiring?)

This New Hampshire native grew up on the beach (yes they have beaches), likes to garden, lift weights, rides a motorcycle, (ironically not a Ducati) makes his own gravy, and he’s the office go-to guy for car questions.

Jeff is an excel wizard whose love of data only rivals his love of pasta. His other weird food quirk is that he only likes the yellow starbursts. Which I think we can all agree is as shameful as Kwabs not liking avocados.

Jeff’s team had a running Slack convo during filming that there was no way he’d get his answers in in under 15 seconds. Despite his confidence, Jeff channels his inner Idoh and misses the cut off. (Point on the board for the CS team)

Two things we can all agree on. Tapas are too expensive and Jeff is rad.


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