Rapid Fire Friday with Sheena Clarke

Once upon a time, in our first #DySiRFF, we introduced you to the strategy team and the man who started it all, Tom Carr. This week’s Rapid Fire Friday brings you another Strategy Team star, Sheena Clarke. (That’s Clarke with an ‘e’ on the end. Don’t get it twisted.)

The Strategy Team is killing it, in part because of this lady. Sheena is a Strategy Team leader where she sits between Sales and Customer Success to help incoming customers better understand what Dynamic Signal does for their organizations, and helps to tailor programs and KPIs that meet specific business objective and desired outcomes.

Part of Sheena’s job is to offer product and implementation expertise for incoming customers and to work closely with Customer Success to ensure our customer’s initiatives are highly valuable and successful. And she’s really, really good at it.

In her nearly three years at Dynamic Signal, Sheena has had a big impact on the organization. With roots on our Customer Success team where she had the opportunity to help customers grow and optimize their programs, Sheena has friends all over our company. It doesn’t hurt that she also makes a damn good Bajan Macaroni Pie, a special recipe from her native Barbados and a staple in the DySi Thanksgiving potluck.

Despite the fact that Sheena is a big outdoor advocate who you’ll find conquering massive hikes around the Bay Area on any given weekend, she’s also a closet foodie who can tell you where to get the best Sunday roast in London, and the best burrito in The Mission.

Sheena is as caring and cool as she is over the top pretty. And yes, this brilliant beauty is taken- She’s getting hitched in May. (Humblebrag: I’ve seen the dress. It’s everything.) The expertise Sheena shares with our customers is only matched by the supportive leadership she brings to our team.

We feel so lucky to work with such a talented, smart, empathetic strategist. And I’m not just saying that because she occasionally brings her really cute dog to work. Everyone who knows Sheena adores her. (And really wants to be at her wedding. Note to Russ.) Take a look a the video and enjoy getting to know Sheena, too!

And since we brought it up… Meet Boogie. Hashtag “Adorbs.”


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