Rapid Fire Friday with Lauren Wadsworth

In a recent interview for an inside sales summit, this week’s #DySyRFF featured #DySiTeam member, Miss Lauren Wadswoth, shared some of the winning strategies she’s learned and developed over the year and a half she’s been at Dynamic Signal. And it’s no surprise this rising star has some great insights to share.

Lauren’s first role at DySi was Enterprise Sales Development Representative, but just six months into her tenure she was promoted to Global Team lead, and six months after that, Lauren advanced again to her current role as a Global Sales Development Manager. Lauren has already had a LinkedIn piece go viral and she’s trained a fantastic group of SDRs who are helping global companies modernize their internal communication efforts and better align and engage employees. (She’s even promoted 3 people, too!)

But Lauren’s day job is only part of how this karaoke queen contributes to life st DySi. Whilst not widely known to the public at large, the grand Thursday night tradition of SDRs hitting SF’s Silver Cloud for bonding and ballads was started by the melodic rallying cry of Miss Wadsworth. (Who has somehow manged to get our entire executive team to hit the stage from time to time.)

An active member of our Culture Committee, Lauren’s humanitarianism extends beyond gathering groups for a shift at the food bank or committing to bring a pie to a potluck, she’s also a pro-snail advocate who actively looks for opportunities to rescue them from death and drying. (Don’t worry, she explains more in the video.)

Born in So Cal, with some time in Ohio and Illinois before setting down in Sacto, Lauren has become confused about her sports teams alliances, and though we love her, (and I really do!) we often have to ignore her during NBA playoffs.

And don’t let her knife-juggling commentary throw you off, Lauren is one of the kindest human beings you’ll ever meet. She still heads home to Sacramento as often as she can to see her two little brothers or do her little sister’s makeup for an important dance.

Keep an eye on this one… she’s only just getting started and she’s already a professional powerhouse leading an incredible team and doing big things for the company and our customers.

Also. If you want to learn from the best and kick off a career trajectory like Lauren’s, we’re hiring SDRs!

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