Rapid Fire Friday with Chris Lee

I’ll start this week’s #DySiRFF with a warning: Hands off!

By the end of this post, you’ll want to try and steal Office Manager, Chris Lee, from Dynamic Signal. But he is ours and you cannot have him.

Some people call Chris the office dad. Which seems accurate considering he always knows exactly where you left your keys, basketball, or dongle. And he ensures we’re all well fed, stalked up on La Croix (which is obviously critical), and organized. Chris is a utility player who mans the front desk, the kitchen, the conference rooms, and everything in between. He’s our go-to guy for all things office and even though he’s only been here for four months, we can’t remember how we did life before he arrived.

Fun fact: Chris hasn’t worn the same shoes twice since he started. With an entire garage dedicated to his collection of kicks, Chris projects he’s got a full year before we’ll see a footwear repeat. It doesn’t matter if he’s training dogs, finding lost fobs, or cheering on his A’s/Raiders/Warriors, this Bay Area native keeps his shoe game tight. (“East Bay all the way,” as Chris would say!)

And when it comes to holidays, this sneakerhead really shines. While he’s a bit over-zealous about Halloween (watch the video and hear why we were all terrified for a month), his progressive decorating ensures that everyone at DySi HQ catches those festive feelings for whatever holiday may be approaching. Chris starts small and keeps adding on. Every day we come to the office to see something new. By the week of the actual holiday, our office could be a department store display… And. We. Love. It.

In the grand tradition of Silicon Valley companies, food is a really big deal here. And Chris has this on lock. Never before have we all been so full. He’s ensured that the “DySi 15” is really a thing. Listen, successfully managing the lunch menu for a group that has vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and paleo requests is no small task. But adding to that, Chris also keeps us apprised of the food truck schedule, and helps to plan and drive attendance to our Thursday afternoon Shindigs. These weekly afternoon gatherings are an integrated part of DySi culture. And Chris helps to ensure the adult beverages, thematic snacks, and team bonding are always on point.

He’s a critical member of our DySi Culture Club and it’s clear why. The office is a better place because of this fella and we couldn’t be more thankful to have him!


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