Rapid Fire Friday with Tom Swetnam

Did you know there’s a Dynamic Signal office in London? There is!

Dangerously close to Borough Market, ensuring equal opportunity for the  infamous DySi 15, the home of our EMEA headquarters has grown nearly 200% in the last year as our customer base has more than doubled in Europe.

Which makes this week’s #DySiRFF interview extra special. Because he is critical to our EMEA success.

Meet Tom Swetnam. Tom is our EMEA Production System Administrator, and while most of us just think he’s the magic behind the functional WiFi, he’s so much more than “the IT guy.”  Since Tom was on our side of the pond for some important internal meetings, we took advantage of his convenient geography to put him in the hot seat for this week’s Rapid Fire Friday interview.

Tom joined Dynamic Signal just over a year ago, and the recruiter who found him for us has definitely made our holiday card mailing list. Tom’s primary job is to setup and maintain our new European data center. (Or “centre” as Tom would say.) Along with that, he manages our technical infrastructure support, and some work on client implementation. And of course, the general technical support for the UK office. (Since we can be quite needy.) He also ensures that the ubiquitous Silicon Valley hoodie is well-represented in London.

Jack. The most spoiled cat in all the land.

With a family legacy in the high speed world of super fast cars, Tom is a gear head with a pension for luxury. That’s what happens when Pops works for Ferrari and you grow up around racing. And despite a background in film and photography, Tom quickly realized his professional orientation was much more suited to technology. Convenient because cars are expensive. And Tom likes the loud, obnoxious, “Hey, check me out,” kind of cars. He promises he stays safe, though.

He doesn’t get to HQ all that often, but when he does he’s a happy camper. Tom loves the California weather, but he prefers LA to SF. And we absolutely hold that against him. When he’s here he wisely takes advantage of our tacos, and In-And-Out, of course, but Japanese food is his fav.

A native of Buckinghamshire (Bucks), growing up Tom split time between the UK, Italy, and lots and lots of travel. Now living just outside of London, close to his roots, Tom’s two loves in life are his Norwegian forest cat, Jack, and his beautiful, C63 AMG. With a V8. (<- I feel like he needs you to know that part.)

And so, it’s no surprise he set a speed record, flying through his five questions.

Enjoy his answers… and his accent!


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