Rapid Fire Friday with (THE) Mark Ragan

As you know, Rapid Fire Friday is reserved for the #DySiTeam. So, I never thought I’d get to say: “DySi Rapid Fire Friday featuring Mark Ragan.”

But following our exciting news from Tuesday, we thought it only fitting that this week’s Rapid Fire Friday should feature communication industry icon, CEO of Ragan Communications, publisher of PRDaily, and newly minted DySi Advisor, Mark Ragan.

And yes, it’s okay if you’re super jealous we get to hang out with him. That’s a completely normal response.

After all, when it comes to advancing the discipline of communication, no one has had an impact on our industry quite like Ragan Communications. With all Mark does, and all the enthusiasm he brings to the stage, to his articles, and to his incredible gift for educating and connecting people- it seems impossible that this machine could ever be capable of becoming a couch potato. But as you’ll find out, that’s his biggest fear. (Could be, in part, due to his weakness for a certain fast food restaurant.)

After a full day in the office, with non-stop efforts from every employee to mind-meld with Mark, he still had all the energy in the world to Live Stream interview with our CMO, and an RFF, and turn the interview tables on me.

Since you obviously read our post about Mark’s new role in lending his decades of expertise to Dynamic Signal’s Employee Communication and Engagement platform as part of his continued work, elevating the evolving role of communication as a critical business function, and since we’ve been gushing about Mark all week, I’ll keep this #DySiRFF post short and let you get to the good stuff. Which includes a big shoutout to our friends at SAS, whose Internal Communication team tops both of our lists as folks who are getting it right! (They also happen to have an award-winning Dynamic Signal program.)

Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present, the man, the myth, the communication legend… Mr. Mark Ragan.


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