How Communicators Can Get the Technology They Need

Give an internal communicator the assignment of crafting a compelling, company-wide message on a tight deadline, and the confident response will be: absolutely. After all, this is what communicators excel at every day. They make the difficult look easy as they connect with large groups of people.

But ask the same internal communicator to meet with technology vendors, evaluate new software, and then make a business case to leadership for purchasing a platform that will drive the organization forward . . . and butterflies may take flight in the pit of the stomach.


It’s a different kind of challenge and unfamiliar territory for communicators. But it’s also part of their new job description. They must stay current with emerging technology that enables their organizations to become more connected, engaged and aligned with the workforce.

But there’s no need to panic. Dynamic Signal is here to help with a new eBook called “How to Get What You Want: A Guide for Selling the Value of an Employee Communication and Engagement Platform at Your Company.” It’s a breezy, step-by-step reference source that includes:

  • Practical tips on purchasing technology
  • Organizing internal buying committees
  • Creating a persuasive business case

The guide features insights from influential experts such as Mark Ragan, CEO of Ragan Communications, Joni Renick, Senior Executive Advisor at research firm CEB, and Michael Brito, author and TedX speaker. We’ve even included a PowerPoint template that you can use for building your own case to purchase a technology solution.

“Comms has a hard time going into the executive’s office and saying, ‘Can I have money so we can add an innovative platform that will engage our employees wherever they are and in the way they want?’” Ragan said. “That’s difficult for them. And they can’t just say, ‘It will be cool to have.’ They have to arm themselves with the ammunition to prove their argument that this will move the needle for the business. That’s how comms gets a seat at the table.”

This news-you-can-use guide helps communicators do that while demystifying the process of purchasing technology and teaching you how to make a strong case for the most innovative communication platform available.

You can get what you want – as well as what your organization needs to be more successful.

Preview the Guide below
View/Download the PDF here | Download the Business Case Powerpoint Template Here

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