Rapid Fire Friday with Cece Frye

You know DySi is a great place to work when people like Corporate SDR Manager, CeCe Frye, are choosing a mainland career at Dynamic Signal over her tropical hometown of Maui.

Cece is a former hula dancer with an addiction to affection for shopping. But not this month! CeCe has put her Stitch Fix on hold and she’s stickin’ to her plan for a resolution a month in 2018, starting with a strict “no shopping” mandate for the entire month of January. And so far, CeCe is kickin’ tail… just not in new boots.

An incredible asset to our team, Cece started back in June of 2016 when she was only the ninth Sales Development Representative in the company. (We now have 33 and we’re hiring!) After only nine months Cece was promoted to team lead. And since she’s so incredibly awesome, just 3 weeks after that, this shining star was moved into a management role, minted with her current title of Corporate SDR Manager. In only six months, Cece quickly proved her leadership skills, growing her team from six SDRs to 13 amazing contributors who were one of the highest performing SDR teams last quarter.

Cece’s management point of pride is that her team feels like a family and everyone collaborates on new ideas, contributing to each other’s success. She also confesses, “I love how swaggy my team is and how hard we work.”(Who doesn’t?)

Not only is Miss Frye a leader in the office, she’s committed to community and empowering young women. Still involved in her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Cece often spends weekends hosting and working events for the community, including a monthly event for high school minority girls to learn about getting into college and how they can shape their future for success in work and life. And who better to mentor young women? Cece and former #DySyRFF star, Lauren Wadsworth, were the 3rd and 4th women on the SDR team and now they’re both managers!

Cece caught the travel bug that seems to have permeated throughout the DySiTeam. Just last year, she went to seven new places. With no plans to slow down, Cece is certainly thankful for our unlimited vacation perk. After all, when you’re crushing quota like Cece’s team, you deserve a break!

We’re thrilled that she’s here and her team is already rockin’ 2018. Learn more about Cece this week’s #DySiRFF interview. And hey, if you want to have a boss this boss, check out the online application and join us!



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