Rapid Fire Friday with Levi Wolfe

Vice President of Engineering, Levi Wolfe, is a Dynamic Signal institution. He’s been with DySi for over seven years now – we’re talking since the VERY beginning. The team has grown from 10 to 200 since Levi joined, and now he’s been tasked with a new adventure: Getting our engineering-focused Seattle office up and running. (We’re hiring, by the way.)

It all started back in 2000 when Levi bailed on his hometown state of Pennsylvania and moved to his (favorite U.S. City) San Francisco with stars — or more accurately: &starf — in his eyes at the hopes of striking technology gold in the original dot-com boom.

That West-Coast moved is how Levi would eventually find his way to Dynamic Signal. (His first Silicon Valley gig was at a company where DySi co-founders Russ Fradin, and Steve Heyman both worked!) There were a handful of companies between that first one and Levi’s move to Dynamic Signal in 2007, though he was never without a future DySiTeam member. This band really stays together.

The founding crew in 2010

Back in those early days at DySi they were all just programmers. But as the company grew Levi took on new roles, first managing the front-end team before being promoted to VP of Engineering. “Since apparently,” Levi says, “I have ‘people skills.'” (He’s just being humble. Really.)

Levi put into place many of the traditions that are core to our culture. Including, a little thing we like to call, SHIN DIG,  a Thursday afternoon ritual where we come together in the office to connect and network. …And by “connect” I mean hang out, and by “network” I mean we consume adult beverages. (Did I mention we’re hiring?) And of this all started back when the company was on two separate floors and Levi brought his team down from the 4th floor down to invade Customer Success and Sales with blaring music and Maker’s Mark.

Levi also introduced our “Take-a-Co-Worker-to-Lunch” day. A monthly program where employees are randomly pair up, given some lunch money, and kicked out of the office for an hour to get to know each other.

You see why we think he’s just being humble when it comes to his people skills. He knows how to bring people together (and get a party started).

Levi is a lot more than just an engineering genius and Shin Dig originator – Quite a bit has happened for this Northwestern Wildcat between then and now. Beyond his integral contributions to Dynamic Signal, Levi and his wife, Neera, have had two kids, 4-year-old Leela and 2-year-old Arya, and gained a super fat cat named Squeaky.

Levi, Leela, and Arya

And now, Levi has taken his talents to Seattle! Everyone (including his family) is excited about his move to Seattle and so far the kids love putting on rain boots to stomp in puddles. Though the best part (to them) is the fact their school is close to a frozen yogurt shop. And who could blame them?

Of all Levi’s roles at Dynamic Signal, his favorite has definitely been VP of Engineering even though this is a man who loves to code. He loves getting to play such an important part in hiring developers, building teams, and guiding technology choices for Dynamic SIgnal’s Employee Communication and Engagement Platform.

To know Levi is to love Levi. And even though he says DySi is definitely the highlight of his career, we assure you, he’s one of the highlights of working here.

Which leads us to our final point: Levi is hiring! And he’s hiring a lot. Software Engineers, Data Engineers, Developers of all kinds (iOS, Android, Back-End, .NET Front-End), and even more beyond that. DySi is a great place to work, with awesome people (just watch the rest of our #DySiRFF series), an unlimited vacation perk, and much more. So, check out the MANY open positions in Engineering, and join the DySiTeam.

And if you were wondering…  No. This is not Levi’s first time on video. Check him out talking about how rad it is to work at Dynamic Signal.




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