Why You’ll Be Hearing More About Dynamic Signal

It’s impossible to overstate the massive changes occurring in the workplace today. In fact, there really isn’t a definable “workplace” anymore.

Employees are doing their jobs almost anywhere. Coffee shops and kitchen tables can be just as acceptable places to work as office cubicles. They work at all hours. Also, it’s a growing mix of employees and contract workers from the so-called Gig Economy. It’s why Gallup has estimated that 43 percent of people today now work in a remote fashion that is anything but traditional.

Every communicator knows that it’s harder and harder to reach this evolving, dispersed workforce. Heaven knows we’re desperately trying to keep frayed lines of communication open. The demands and expectations placed upon communication professionals have grown exponentially. We’re trying to meet them by using the intranet, email, team collaboration, enterprise social media tools, and even printed newsletters.

But if we’re honest, communicators know none of this is working. More actually is less. Employees are feeling more overwhelmed and less informed. It’s absolutely heartbreaking because communicators know the key to organizational success is connecting with their most valued asset – employees. But we’re being failed by outdated systems.

We just can’t keep doing things the same way we’ve always done. What’s needed is a reframing of the communication problem. It’s no longer about how organizations want to deliver information. Instead, it’s about how employees want to receive it.


How we communicate has fundamentally changed. In our personal lives, the mobile device has become the remote control to our world. We text. We get alerts. We play, record and share video. So, when we’re working, we expect these same kinds of personalized, real-time interactions. When employers don’t deliver, we’re frustrated.

Dynamic Signal solves that communication gap with a modern solution.

Our Employee Communication and Engagement Platform is the central control system where content can be created or curated from all other channels and then distributed to targeted employee segments – while accurately measuring the comprehensive impact of your strategy. An ECE Platform does what your existing systems cannot. It enables the micro-targeting of your message to exactly the people you want to reach, at the right time, so you can influence their behavior. And it’s accomplished at scale.

It’s a better way to connect, engage and align your employees so their job performance and the organization’s productivity improve. The business world has spent decades optimizing how we market to customers and yet has not spent nearly enough time and effort thinking about how we engage and communicate with our own people.

Dynamic Signal changes that.

You might just now be learning about us. But we’ve been at the forefront of this revolution in communication since we were founded in 2010. We created the idea of real employee advocacy – harnessing the digital power of workers.

Our experience has taught us that communication drives engagement. In turn, engagement drives advocacy. Our focus is on improving communication and engagement because that’s what makes companies more successful. We know this is true because Dynamic Signal helps hundreds of companies – including more than 20 percent of the Fortune 100 – operate better through connecting with their employees. Millions of employees around the globe see a positive impact in their work lives each day thanks to Dynamic Signal.

We do it by delivering relevant messages to employees, wherever they are, in the manner they want to receive them. We don’t believe in the “walled garden” approach that has done so much to hinder the communicator’s ability to reach employees. We streamline all of your communication channels – intranet, email, Slack, Yammer, and so on – through one platform to ensure a consistent message across your entire organization, no matter how far-flung your workforce or what their favorite communication channel.

Because all of this happens within our consolidated system, communicators have accurate metrics to give them answers to questions that have always eluded them. How many people received and engaged with a message? Who are they? Did it drive action? How can we refine our messaging to make it even more effective?

This gives communicators the ability to demonstrate their influence on the business.


Our belief in openness is reflected in our new logo. It symbolizes the lack of barriers as well as speed and connectivity. But most of all, it captures the key element of every successful organization – people. We wanted our entire brand to reflect that this new world is about bringing people together, anywhere so that together they can do great work.

Employees want – no, crave – easily accessible information that makes them better on the job. With Dynamic Signal, communicators can deliver it directly to them.

The workplace is changing. It’s time for you to change with it.

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G.I. Sanders

G.I. Sanders is Senior Director, Creative Services at Dynamic Signal. He specializes in entrepreneurship, digital and social media, design, and marketing. G.I. is based in Dallas, TX with his wife and two sons. Passions include technology, startups, music, fitness and sports.