Rapid Fire Friday with Majid Karimi

This week’s #DySiRFF features a very special person… Meet Jeebo!

Majid (Jeebo*) Karimi, newly minted Vice President of Corporate Sales, is one of the most adored people at Dynamic Signal. He’s been a core member of the DySiTeam, driving our mid-market sales for three years, so it was no surprise when he was promoted earlier this year.

This Mid-West-born surfer dude, has some funny quirks, the most notable being that he walks laps around the office all day. In fact, since we’re such a scientific group, we did a bit of calculus to understand the exact number of leads per lap and revenue per estimated mile. While we can’t share our equation publicly, I’ll just say that the ROI on Jeebs’s* fancy hybrid sneaker/dress shoe collection is insane. (In fact… he may be able to expense those shoes, now that I’m thinking about it.)

The Corporate Sales team has the very special distinction of supporting companies with employees from 100-5000 who need to better connect  to their employees. And they’re a critical part of our organization. Under Jeebo’s* leadership this team is doing so much more than having fun and crushing quotas, they’re solving a major business problem for the small and medium size businesses that really drive our economy. (They’re also hiring… so go visit our careers page!)

The Mathletes over on the corporate team also shared a few important stats they felt we should tell you about The Jeebs*.

-Under his leadership the corporate sales team has seen a 120% increase in YoY sales. Meaning, more employees are feeling valued, connected and informed at work thanks to this incredible team.
-100% of Jeebster’s* first hires on his team have all been promoted from Sales Development Representatives to Account Executives and still work for him. (That’s some real love and loyalty!)
-Laps around the office have increased by 486X since Jeebarino* landed his promotion to Vice President.
-The Chile Cheese Fritos intake increases by 2.3X/day at the end of quarter due to stress eating. (True Story.)


Okay… Check out this video and you’ll understand why we are all giant Jeebo fans.

*We think Majid prefers to be called Majid around the office. We’re just not sure we’re going to let him live this one down just yet.

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