Rapid Fire Friday with CEO Russ Fradin

This special edition of #DySiRFF features none other than our fearless leader, Russ Fradin.

If you follow Dynamic Signal Founder and CEO, Russ Fradin, on his favorite social network, you can quickly glean a few core facts: He loves his family. He loves politics. He loves Dynamic Signal.

He also seems to love a good .gif. (He’s picked some gems.)

You’ll also note that while many CEO’s have been said to develop the skill for juggling, our CEO has really taken it to the next level with some actual juggling skills that make Ringling Brothers jealous. And I’m not just talking about tossing 3 little hacky sacks in the air. I’m talking about knives and FIRE.

It’s worth repeating: Russ Fradin juggles FIRE. And it’s not just Russ. His wife is just as legit. And yes, they do perform for their three lucky kids.

You might wonder how Dynamic Signal’s Glassdoor reviews are so crazy high, but when you see the CEO approval ratings and our well-loved leadership, it becomes pretty clear. The leadership team, under Russ and co-founders Steve and Jim, have created an amazing culture of happy people who are absolutely passionate about Dynamic Signal’s world-class Employee Communication and Engagement platform.

Russ is also an active runner. Between running a company and raising three kids he still manages to find the time to log some serious mileage- putting the rest of us to shame with our excuses. But he’s not above a break! Russ loves movies and he’s quick to give you his assessment of any new film he’s seen. And generally speaking, you can trust that his review is spot on. However, when it comes to one particular franchise he is such a super fan, we’re not sure even Russ could be impartial.

Per Russ:

“It’s a combination of Star Wars and James Bond. It’s the best!”

“Greatest modern movie collection.”

“Maybe the greatest series of movies ever created.”

Bold statements, right?

His affection for this film series is so strong that it’s shaped one important element of our culture- Company holidays. When this series releases a new movie the company shuts down, and we head to the theater. These strongly worded stamps of approval are not about an Oscar-winning franchise, but about… The Fast and the Furious! (In their defense, I think they picked up a Moon Man once.) And the company LOVES this tradition. Which also happens to be Russ’s favorite.

Dynamic Signal is seven years old but this founding team has been together way beyond that! Co-Founder Steven Heyman and Russ were college roommates at Wharton and this is their 3rd company together- further proof that Russ continues a successful streak of keeping the band together.

An approachable guy who believes in being accessible, Russ doesn’t generally throw his CEO weight around the office. Except for one time, when after being disappointed that we weren’t stocking his favorite La Croix flavor (orange) he realized, “I’m the CEO! I can have Orange La Croix.” Turns out, much like his movie reviews, he’s on to something. It’s starting to win over the former Pamplemousse crowd.

Russ has created a foundation of feedback at Dynamic Signal and still holds a bi-monthly all-hands meeting where anyone can ask anything. And the DySiTeam, does not hold back. He answers every email, deeply cares about our customers, and nurtures a company of growth, innovation, and excellence.

If you want to join us, and I know you do, check out our careers page! And then watch the video below to hear more about Russ- including his favorite book that you’ll want to add to your Amazon cart right now.


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