Rapid Fire Friday with Michael Rao

You know those people who have a name that sort of requires you top say both their first and last names, together, like it’s all one word? This week’s #DySiRFF features a guy with one of those names. Customer Success Manager, Michael Rao MichaelRao, is one of those people.

MichaelRao (as he will be called henceforth) is new-ish to the #DySiTeam, joining the Employee Communication and Engagement leader* just over a year ago. But he’s already made a huge impact – he’s a customer favorite, and people L-O-V-E to work with him. No, seriously, he was awarded 2017’s Client Whisperer Award. (Yes, that’s a thing.)

When he’s not juggling his many happy customers, MichaelRao spends part of his time hitting up cool spots in San Francisco, attending concerts on the reg, and actually juggling. He (like our CEO) loves to juggle, and even went to circus school to hone his skills! Now, don’t get it twisted, circus school is NOT clown school. They are very different. And if you meet him on the street at a trendy SF hot spot, MichaelRao will be the first to tell you this, and explain the many differences… While drinking a craft cocktail and tossing some clubs in the air. And while he makes it seem like you’d never catch him riding a bike- his reported least favorite form of exercise- he actually rides his bike to work everyday!

#Cali where it’s always windows-down weather ?

It would be a shame if I didn’t spend some time talking about his dog Neala, known as @madame_underbite on Instagram. (<–I promised I’d plug.) As MichaelRao himself puts it “She’s 4 but looks like she’s 30.” (Rude, MichaelRao.) She’s still quick for a dog who looks like an old-timer, and she could honestly become a meme with the number of hilarious photos MichaelRao posts on her Instagram. (Yes, this is another plug to follow his dog right now.)

As you’ve also likely heard, we are opening up a Chicago office, and MichaelRao is one of the #DySiTeam members who will head back to the Midwest to help grow this exciting new team. When it comes to what he’s most excited for in the move to the Windy City – besides deep dish pizza, this sweet sibling said, “I’m really excited to live close to my sisters Kristen and Laura, who both live in Chicago.” See! It’s no wonder that MichaelRao’s customers love him as much as we do.

We’re hiring people who are as rad as Michael Rao. If you want to work alongside some of the most interesting and talented people, we’d be happy to have you (in Chicago, the Bay Area, London, Seattle, New york, and beyond!).

*Yes. I did that annoying PR thing where you self-appoint yourself “the leader”. But statistically speaking, it’s true. So… #HumbleBrag

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