Rapid Fire Friday with Special Guest Michael Brito

It’s not everyday we have someone with a Verified Twitter account in the office. But this week we were lucky enough to be joined by DySi partner and long time friend, Michael Brito, who stopped by for a webinar to talk about his new book(!!) and how employees are your brand’s best storytellers. (It was great! And if you missed it, you can find it here.)

So even though he’s not an official member of the #DySiTeam, Michael hops into the hot seat for this week’s #DySiRFF. And we’re excited about it.

As Executive Vice President at  Zeno Group and a teacher at San Jose State University where he teaches the most popular class on campus (and has been awarded a chili pepper on RateMyProfessor.com), Michael is also a dad to TWO talented, active, awesome teenage girls that he spends his weekend driving around to games and basketball tournaments. With all of that, it’s amazing to think he still found time to write a book. But he managed.

Available on Amazon next week, Michael’s new book, Participation Marketing: Unleashing Employees to Participate and Become Brand Storytellersarticipation Marketing, is his third in just the last few years. And while he certainly did the bulk of the work on this one- as he so quickly points out in the video below- our CEO, Russ Fradin, wrote the forward. So check it out!

Michael Brito has certainly come a long way since his early career days at Foster’s Freeze. He’s a man of many talents, with endless energy, who is picky about his bacon… AND he’s the person who bought me my first ever Philz coffee. (Can’t thank him enough!) We’re so proud that this marketing leader from South San Jose* is a part of our DySi Family.


*You should know that everyone from South San Jose just yelled, “South Side” in a deep but proud, voice.

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