Better Employee Communication and Engagement with Cisco Spark and Dynamic Signal

The way we consume information is different today.

That’s because mobile devices, over the past decade, have dramatically changed how we communicate. We text. We get alerts. We play, record and share video. In fact, 85 percent of adults now get their news from their smartphone.

Shouldn’t employees also receive important information from their company on their mobiles devices, too? Dynamic Signal and Cisco makes sure you do.

We’re an Employee Communication and Engagement (ECE) Platform that ensures that organizations always get timely and relevant content to workers, wherever they are, with our mobile app. That’s why we’re announcing a new, powerful integration of Dynamic Signal with Cisco Spark.

Together, we connect organizations via mobile devices with their most valuable asset – their employees.

Cisco Spark ensures that knowledge workers (employees whose jobs involve handling or using information), who typically are employees collaborating on various projects, can quickly and easily share information. But what about other workers in an organization who are more geographically dispersed, and often aren’t on laptops or desktops?

For example, let’s look at a major banking institution. Half of the employees work in the corporate headquarters and collaborate using Cisco Spark. Life is good. They’re armed with the information they need to succeed. The other half of the workforce, like the bank tellers, who might not use Spark, but still require critical information to do their jobs, may not have the same easy ability to access that information.

Dynamic Signal ends this “information access inequity” by delivering needed content to all employees – via whatever delivery pipeline they prefer – whether it’s via Cisco Spark, the company intranet or, as is more and more frequently these days, delivered directly to them on their mobile devices.

With Dynamic Signal, communicators have the ability to deliver the same content to both the knowledge workers and the dispersed workers – keeping every employee engaged, informed, and productive. The entire organization can now be aligned around a singular vision, mission, goal.

Dynamic Signal Cisco Spark Integration

Every employee gets what they need, in the manner they prefer, through a streamlined and modernized communication process. The Dynamic Signal Platform integrated with Cisco Spark enables employees to access content in whatever manner is most convenient to them.

Organizations can also now better measure employee engagement, and then optimize their communication strategy, so they can reach employees even better and more efficiently. It’s simply a modern, streamlined solution – both for the organization and the employee.

This is the power of Dynamic Signal, now magnified with our integration with Cisco Spark.

Cisco and Dynamic Signal are a natural fit. In fact, Cisco has invested in Dynamic Signal because it sees this power of connecting all employees, wherever they are, and however they access information.

“We recognize the urgent need for Employee Communication and Engagement Platforms among our own customers and the world at large, so we’re thrilled to invest in Dynamic Signal, and further our commitment to meeting the business needs of the enterprise,” said Rob Salvagno, Cisco Vice President and Head of Corporate Development and Investments.

Cisco Spark enables employees to create, share, and collaborate. Dynamic Signal ensures all employees have the information they need to succeed.

Together, we are changing how work gets done.

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