Announcing Dynamic Signal’s 2018 ThinkTank Road Show

Get ready to be fearless.

Every day we get to speak with communication experts in the field. We know that you’re facing some of the biggest challenges that communicators have ever encountered. But there’s also an incredible opportunity ahead of you to redefine the importance of employee communication and engagement by leveraging technology and data in new ways to tell your stories.   

Dynamic Signal’s latest research revealed that one in every three employees have said that they’ve wanted to quit their jobs because they are so frustrated with poor internal communication. So now, more than ever, it’s a critical time for communication professionals to boldly lead this movement.

But there’s no reason to do it alone.

We’re proud to announce Dynamic Signal’s Second Annual ThinkTank Road Show. (#DySiThink) This year’s theme is more important than ever: Fearless Communication with Modern Employees.

Our first Road Show in 2017 was an incredible success as we brought together more than 150 internal communication leaders in four cities for thoughtful conversations about our shared challenges. It reinforced our firm belief that collaboration across the industry is the best way communicators can create change in their organizations and keep up with the rapid innovations in technology that help us do our jobs better. 

There’s so much for us to discuss.


The workforce demographic is dramatically changing. By 2020, millennials will make up 50 percent of the workforce – and it will be 75 percent by 2030! They are digitally savvy. Their expectations about how they want to share and receive information are predicated by the technology they use in their everyday lives. They live on their mobile devices. They communicate via apps. And they expect employees to communicate with them the same way. (But don’t we all?) 

Let’s be bold in modernizing communication in a way that meets the expectations of our employees. 


One size doesn’t fit all. Intranets and email alone aren’t working for us. Mobile is important. But it’s not necessarily the answer for everyone. Employees and teams can function differently, and we need to meet them on the channels and devices most convenient and useful for them.  

It’s not productive or efficient for communicators to hop between different platforms, sharing the same information over and over. And it’s not leaving the workforce more informed, either. 

Communicators are the strategic advisors within organizations with a passion for connecting and empowering our most valued assets –  employees. It’s time to confidently lead conversations with legal and IT teams about implementing the tools we need to streamline our efforts and give employees the information they need to be their best.  


As communication becomes increasingly recognized as a critical business function, we need to become more data-driven in how we make strategic decisions. Data enables us to demonstrate that we’re driving action with our communication and adding value to the organization.  

From increasing productivity, reducing noise, gathering feedback, and optimizing content for different audiences and channels, we must gather and analyze the data that provides the information we need to connect and engage our employees for measurable business impact.  

So, we’re boldly going… To a city near you! 

Dynamic Signal is passionate about connecting communication professionals with their peers to talk about our increasingly critical roles. And it just so happens that communicators really like being around each other.  

So, we hope you’ll join us in a city near(ish) you for a morning breakfast or evening reception of networking and conversation that empowers collaboration, confidence, and community while we share challenges and successes in engaging our company’s most valued asset – employees.  

See you soon!

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