Rapid Fire Friday with Chris Seth

DySi’s Rapid Fire Friday has gone international!

To be fair, we previously featured one of our international employees, but this is our first ever UK edition- Coming at you right from our first ThinkTank of 2018 in the heart of Covent Garden. (What?! You don’t know about our #DySiThink Road Show? Read all about it.)

So for this very special edition of #DySiRFF, I’m thrilled to introduce you to the man who started it all: Chris Seth, Dynamic Signal’s EMEA Managing Director.

Chris is a DySi OG.  He was the first (and only) EMEA employee when he started with Dynamic Signal back in 2013. Back when the “London office” was a desk in Chris’s House. But since then, Chris has grown the team to almost 20 (and growing) very cool people who are serving hundreds of customers across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

He’s also moved the office to a sweet spot right by Borough Market. Ensuring that the grand tradition of the DySi 15 remains consistent across the pond. (What can we say, we like good food.)

Beans, the Boxer puppy in some slick Dog Gear. Cutest dog ever.

Chris isn’t only the father of DySi London. In his personal life, Chris and his amazing (award-winning filmmaker) wife, have two kids, Thomas and Silvana… and a dog he loves more than any of us, Beans, the Boxer puppy.

Also, Chris is brilliant. And not just in the English way of remarking, “that’s brilliant.” Chris actually is. Once a force in the worlds of Advertising and Media, Chris has seamlessly transitioned to leading the Employee Communication and Engagement space as an executive who has helped keep Dynamic Signal firm up the top spot across the world. And in the spirit of over-achievement, I should point out that Chris also fluently speaks 4 languages. English, Italian, French, and Spanish… and I’m pretty sure he also knows enough German to be dangerous.

And while Chris is a supportive leader, compelling recruiter, and endlessly energetic customer champion, Chris can also tell you a fun fact about literally any topic. We’re not sure how he does it, but it seems Chris knows something about everything. We cannot figure out how he can keep so much information in his head, but he manages to teach us something every day. Often things far beyond modernizing, streamlining, and measuring communication. Today he shared with the office the origins of steak tartare. And trust me, it’s not what you think.

Speaking of tartare, Chris appreciates a good meal and good wine more than most. And since this frequent traveler can order all the best things to eat, in almost any language, it’s probably a good thing he’s such an avid bike rider. He often rides his bike to work (and to meetings) and like a proper cyclist, Chris gears up in a proper kit!

We’re all huge fans of our all-star MD, so we hope you’ll enjoy this #DySiRFF all the way from England. (And yes, his accent is THE. BEST.)



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