Battery Ventures + Glassdoor Name DySi as a Highest-Rated Cloud Computing Company to Work For

If you’ve ever watched our #DySiRFF videos, you know we have a pretty awesome culture here at Dynamic Signal. But this week, DySi was recognized as one of the 50 Highest Rated Private Cloud Computing Companies To Work For in a new list released by Battery Ventures, a global investment firm, and Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites. The list highlights 50 independent, private companies—all business-to-business cloud companies–where employees report the highest levels of satisfaction at work, according to employee feedback shared on Glassdoor.

And we’re pumped!

The distinction placed Dynamic Signal at number 31 (out of 50 total) with an overall company rating of 4.5. The broader average across Glassdoor is 3.4. Dynamic Signal’s CEO Russ Fradin boasts a 98% approval rating on Glassdoor—compared to an average of 69% for all 770,000 employers on the site–and the company has an 89 percent positive business-outlook rating, again based on feedback shared by employees. The broader Glassdoor average is 48%. A positive business outlook means employees believe business will improve in the next six months. Basically what this means is that our CEO rocks and our team is a very happy bunch!

A Glassdoor economic research study, as well as other third party studies, also show that companies with high employee satisfaction often post stronger financial performance. Our own research on the State of Employee Communication and Engagement points to more of the same- Employee Communication and engagement is critical for business success!

Battery Ventures + Glassdoor Name DySi As A Highest-Rated Cloud Computing Company To Work For
According to our fearless leader, CEO Russ Fradin, “As a technology company that is leading the Employee Communication and Engagement category, building an aligned workforce that feels informed, valued and connected is of paramount importance to us. We’re absolutely honored with this distinction as it comes from our biggest asset – our employees. We have a people-first mantra, and as CEO it’s a great feeling knowing our employees feel proud of where they work. Our internal culture is a direct reflection of Dynamic Signal’s values and our larger mission to modernize, streamline, and measure communication for meaningful business impact.”

Glassdoor noted that employees at these highly rated companies commonly mention in online reviews that they enjoy working for mission-driven companies with strong and unique company cultures; employers that promote transparency; and companies with experienced senior leaders who regularly and clearly communicate with employees. For instance, according to one anonymous employee review of Dynamic Signal on Glassdoor:

“Everyone here is hardworking, intelligent, and collaborative. On top of all the benefits we receive, work-life balance is sewed into the culture of the company and employees are encouraged to take time off when needed. The executive team has a track record of launching successful companies, and the majority of employees here see and believe in the company’s success. Additionally, the executive team is transparent, and makes smart decisions investing their funds in more talent and employee benefits.”

If you want to be one of the happy DySi campers, check out our job openings and see if there’s a fit for you!

Full lists of the Battery/Glassdoor highest-rated 50 private cloud companies and 25 public cloud companies to work for can be found here.

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