Rapid Fire Friday with Scott Niedermier

After a two-week break… We’re back for a #MaytheFouth edition of #DySiRFF. And we’re dishing on the worst bar in San Francisco. (According to this week’s participant!)

There are some employees who are well loved by their teams. Some are well loved by the entire company. And some are a customer favorite. And then there’s Customer Success Manager, Scott Niedermier.


And I say that without a hint of exaggeration. Scott is The. Best. Ever.

Starting his DySi journey as a Sales Development Representative, Scott has been a member of the #DySiTeam for almost three years. His jump from the sales team to the Customer Success team was clearly a natural step as he quickly became a customer favorite. Want proof? Our incredible partners at Wawa sent Scott the most unbelievable gift basket. And while this is, in part, because Wawa is a super thoughtful, people-oriented brand, it’s also because¬†is Scott the freaking best ever. His customers want to make him proud by taking his strategic advice to the next level, and he’s a role model to the entire customer success organization (NBD, but he was named Top CSM by the team’s leaders).

He’s also a California-native who knows the best places in the Bay for a date night (seriously, he will plan the ideal date night for you in under 5 minutes). When it comes to the worst? While there aren’t many, Madrones tops the list of worst bars in San Francisco (sorry, Madrones fans).

Scott has a knack for putting people at ease while still making them laugh, getting them excited about whatever they’re working on (for example, reinventing an organization’s employee communication and engagement strategy), AND for making great wine and cocktails. Yes, I said making wine. Can a person really get any better? No wonder his Shindig drinks are so popular. (What’s a Shindig? Watch the complete video and find out.)

It’s no wonder that we’re one of the Highest-Rated Cloud Computing Companies to Work For when the organization is filled with folks like Scott. Enjoy learning more about him in the video below and #MayTheFourth be with you!

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