Rapid Fire Friday with Alex Anthony, Senior Global Account Development Manager

They say southern charm makes for some of the most likable people, and Alex Anthony is definitely proof of that. This week’s #DySiRFF features a very kind, newly minted Global Sales Development Representative (she’s just been promoted!). Alex is originally from Jackson, MS, and her passion for people combined with that Southern Charm and frequent use of “y’all” wins everyone over faster than you can say, “bless your heart.”

On top of the sweet-as-pie accent, Alex is an expert when it comes to southern comfort food. Her #1 pick? Fried Chicken. Well, technically her grandmother’s fried chicken is truly the best, and we won’t contest that considering the number of years she’s been making it. (Though, as you’ll see in this video… she has a few other comfort food favs.)

Alex has been at Dynamic Signal for almost a year and a half and in that time has won over numerous potential customers, colleagues, and customers with more than just her charm – she’s whip-smart and passionate. So, it’s no wonder she’s made her mark and is moving on up to working with some of the biggest and most well-known brands in the world.

Not only that – Alex also has a big heart, and is leading the charge to help the #DySiTeam give back and do good in our communities through the #DySiCares program. When asked why she loves to volunteer: ‘I think what I love most is that I can use my own strengths, passions, and interests to create positive change. Whether that’s teaching a group of kids how to swim, painting playgrounds for communities or cooking dinner for families in hospitals. Because I’m able to simply be myself, I truly enjoy volunteering and it’s always appreciated by someone no matter the size of my contribution.’

With a new role at work, and a wedding and exciting honeymoon (details in the video!) on the horizon for Alex, we’re sure this unstoppable star will have her best year yet- and we’re thankful we get to work with her everyday on her journey to the top!


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