Rapid Fire Friday with Jack Burns

While we’re happy that it’s Friday, (especially because that means another edition of #DySiRFF), I’ll admit it’s a little bittersweet as this week’s featured #DySiTeam member, Jack Burns, is taking off on a new adventure. And no, he’s not leaving Dynamic Signal. In fact it’s quite the opposite! Jack is heading back to his native Chicago to support the growth of our new Chicago office. And while this star will be missed at HQ, we know that sharing is caring. So we’re putting him to good use in Chicago where we know his gifts will be equally appreciated.

Jack is a city kid. He grew up in Chicago’s Gold Coast and is a pro at apartment living and public transportation.  He first came to California for school at USC… but had the good sense to move North to San Francisco- where he finally, for the first time ever, moved into a place with a yard! He’s a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, which is to be expected. And yes, he’s looking forward to watching games in Wrigleyville among an entire neighborhood of Cubs fanatics.

But, let’s back up a second, Jack started his career at Dynamic Signal as a Sales Development Representative, and as he says it himself, taking that job was one of the best decisions of his life. In his fantastic LinkedIn Pulse piece, he comments on the confidence and foundation he built by being an SDR at DySi, and it is aptly named “Finding My Confidence Through Cold Calls.” Now, he’s managing a Sales Dev team of his own, leading his team to success through mentoring, coaching, and hard work. (I might have teared up reading his article. SO PROUD!)

Little known fact- Jack is a BIG. FOODIE. I was first clued in to this habit of his, when I ran into him at Bouchon in Yontville. A far cry from the karaoke bar where you’ll usually find our SDR team.  And let me tell you, in his time out on the west coast, Jack has also added to his repertoire of fantastic food experiences – he’s probably been to more Michelin Star restaurants than most people twice his age, and could probably give critics a run for their money when it comes to restaurant recommendations. But you’ll have to watch the video to find his favorite neighborhood gem.

At Dynamic Signal we’re thrilled to be part of a fantastic career journey like Jack’s story. We know there will be a homecoming in Chicago upon Jack’s return, and the new Sales Dev team is in good hands under his guidance. (And if you’re in the Chicago area and looking to join this fantastic team, we’re hiring)!

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