Rapid Fire Friday with Bryan Antigua

You know there are those team members who turn out to so multi-talented, your mind is a little blown? Well, that’s Bryan Antigua- A new-ish member of the #DySiTeam.

Petit Gâteau baked by Bryan. WHAT?!?!?!

Bryan joined Dynamic Signal as a Product Manager just two and a half months ago, but he and hit the ground running! A few weeks after he started, we stumbled across his Instagram and discovered a treasure trove of goodness… Like, beautiful singing and seriously highbrow baked creations. (He’s making desserts I can’t even spell without Google!)

So, naturally, we had to get him in the #DySiRFF hot seat as soon as possible.

Bryan, who is originally from Allentown, PA, moved out to the Bay Area almost five years ago and jumped into the tech world. Beyond his engineering and product management skills, he discovered his talent for baking: “I saw a bunch of pretty pictures on Instagram and wondered if I could make stuff like that. It was also a fun new creative outlet!” Cut to now and he’s recreating cakes from the likes of Christina Tosi of Milk Bar and creating masterpieces like his famed Chocolate Bomb. (We’re still waiting for our chance to try this creation, Bryan)

When he’s not baking, he can carry a pretty serious tune – and get this – he only started singing about 10 months ago (and he’s got zero musical background!). He’s in good company with many of our other musically-talented #DySiTeam members. (We seriously should start a DySi band at this point.)

As you can also tell from his interview, the Bryan is genial and friendly by nature, so it comes as no surprise that when asked what he likes most about being a Product Manager he answered, “I like interacting with different teams and users. I talk to so many different kinds of people every day, and that’s pretty cool!” And his favorite feature, Content Newsfeed on Mobile, is a pretty stellar choice, especially considering our recent Gold Stevie Award for Integrated Mobile Experience!

Despite the fact that he denied me an on camera singing sesh, we’re part of the Bryan Antigua fan club. Check out the full video below and see why we think have the happiest, friendliest, most talented team around!

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