Making ECE Platform Adoption at Your Organization a Smash Hit

If we implement it, they will come.

That’s one philosophy when adding a new technology platform in an organization. Just announce that it’s available and then expect employees will start using it because, well, you told them they should.

And, no, that’s never successful. The workplace isn’t the Field of Dreams.

Change is hard for people. Resistance to anything unfamiliar is normal. It’s no different when introducing a new system. That’s even the case with an Employee Communication and Engagement Platform, which will immeasurably improve the work experience for everyone.

Employee Communication Platform“Organizations can put months into selecting the right platform, but then they rush through the launch plan,” said Becky Graebe, a respected industry leader who is Senior Director, Communication Expert at Dynamic Signal. “They don’t put a strategy behind what it will require for employees to make this major transition. You need to allow yourself enough time and use your creativity to make this really stand out.”

Read the full guide: Driving Adoption for Your ECE Platform

Capturing the imagination of employees is crucial. The new guide, “Driving Adoption for Your Employee Communication and Engagement Platform,” provides practical, hands-on examples and best practices about how to successfully encourage workers to embrace the new system – during both the initial rollout and for ongoing growth.

The key is that you need to aggressively market your new program. And a dash of theatrical presentation can play an important part.

“If you go to a Broadway theater, there are those few minutes before the show begins where there’s an energy in the air and this building sense of expectation,” Graebe added. “So, when you’re asking employees to make a shift in how they work at your company, you need to create that same kind of moment. Then they will know something special is coming.”

The guide includes:

  • Advice on pre-launch, launch and post-launch strategies
  • Case studies detailing successful launches
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Suggestions on compelling content to drive engagement
  • Job description for a platform manager

Driving Employee Adoption“You need to build a campaign of anticipation months ahead of the launch,” said Mark Ragan, CEO and Publisher of Ragan Communications, and one of the contributing experts. “You need an editorial calendar. Top leaders need to be involved. You need to explain what it means for employees and how it’s going to make their lives easier. Every single employee needs to know that this is big, and they’re expected to participate.”

A successful launch has a lot of moving parts. It requires a well-crafted plan that gets people enthusiastic about something that will change how they work and engage with their organization. When done right, employees won’t want to miss out.

You are about to launch a major production. Make it feel like something magical is about to happen.

“An ECE Platform will transform an organization,” Graebe said. “But you’re still going to have to onboard users and encourage them to use it. Rolling out something new to your employees is always a challenge. But the payoff is really worth it.”

Download the free guide, “Driving Adoption for Your Employee Communication and Engagement Platform,” here to make your program a success in your organization.

Driving Adoption for Your Employee Communication and Engagement Platform

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