Rapid Fire Friday with Katie Barends

How did we even function before Katie Barends?

It’s literally only been a year and a quarter since Global Strategist Katie B joined the Dynamic Signal fam, but we can’t remember a time before her. Adding value in so many different ways (including being someone with whom I can talk about good places for tall girls to shop), Katie very quickly became an integral part of our success and our culture.

Knowledgeable, friendly, and (highly) organized- When it comes to Strategy, Katie is a true #DySiTeam MVP, supporting our sales team and advising our customers with her deep expertise. (Just ask her #BossLady and strategy team leader, Sheena Clarke!)

Katie’s life motto, “Don’t agonize, organize” pretty much sums up what’s going on in that brilliant, beautiful brain of hers. From the Excel spreadsheets she uses to organize vacations with her friends, to her color-coordinated closet (ROY-G-BIV FTW!), Katie is a go-to person that when it comes to solving complex challenges. Which works out great for our customers and prospective customers.

In her role as a Global Strategist, Katie sets people up for success! For many communicators looking to modernize, streamline, and measure Employee Communication and Engagement, there can be an overwhelming sense of where to start, how to measure, and how to get the most out of their ECE Platform. With her “Don’t agonize, organize” mindset, Katie gets global companies fired up to transform employee engagement with a thoughtfully articulated, step-by-step plan and meaningful goals that showcase the business impact of aligning and connecting an organization’s most valued assets- their employees. And she’s so, so good at it!

And, like most of the fascinating and uber-talented people here, Katie is equally as awesome outside the office as she is inside. A previous D1 athlete and former NBC employee (you need to hear the weirdest work interaction in her #DySiRFF below), she’s moved from New Jersey to Florida to her (hopefully forever) home in California, spending her time hiking, enjoying Napa (obviously exploring one of the important W’s she mentioned in her interview), and skiing.

Always available for a pep-talk, a story, or a well thought out plan, we adore Katie.

Check out the video below. We’re confident you will, too!

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