Defining Success for ECE Platform Adoption

A journey of a thousand miles, according to the famous Chinese proverb, begins with a single step. The idea is that even when the path is challenging, you still have to start somewhere.

But it also helps if you know where you want to go before taking that initial step.

In the business world, knowing what you want to achieve is crucial when launching any new objective. And that’s certainly the case when rolling out an Employee Communication and Engagement Platform at your organization.

If you don’t establish what success looks like for your ECE Platform, somebody else will define it for you. The result might be that you end up walking in the wrong direction that journey. That’s why you need to think hard about setting reasonable, achievable goals and deciding what metrics will measure your progress toward meeting those objectives.

Employee Communication Platform“Every organization has different business drivers,” said Becky Graebe, Dynamic Signal’s Senior Director, Communication Expert. “Decide what the most important ones are that will move the needle for your business and that benefit both the company and the employees.”

Our new guide, “Driving Adoption for Your Employee Communication and Engagement Platform,” provides practical examples and best practices about how to successfully encourage workers to embrace the new system – during both the initial launch and for ongoing growth. One aspect is identifying the right adoption goals.

The best part of an ECE Platform is you have a full suite of metrics that show the impact and influence of employee communication. Here are some common Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that organizations use to indicate success.


  • Number of employees enrolled
  • Weekly/monthly active employees
  • Content view by segment and by person
  • Mobile app usage
  • Percentage of engaged employees (sharing, liking, commenting)


  • Content view rate
  • Content share rate
  • Content share reach
  • Audience clicks
  • Internal reactions (sharing, liking, commenting)
  • Qualitative and quantitative feedback from employees

Business Impact

  • Employee engagement scores
  • Employee satisfaction scores
  • Decrease in turnover
  • Increase in quality and volume of candidates
  • Improved productivity/efficiency

The theme is to identify the metrics that are important to your leadership.

Determine the numbers that the CFO will expect to hear when briefed about the program’s progress. The head of human resources will be super interested in engagement, turnover and hiring metrics. The CMO will be keen to learn about earned social media reach. Also, decide what KPIs best demonstrate that the platform is becoming an integral part of your company culture and the go-to resource for information. Share these with the entire C-suite team.

“To me, success comes down to what is most valuable to the employee,” Graebe said. “Often, organizations are most concerned about adoption rates. And those are important. But the real value comes when employees are using the platform consistently, and it’s helping them stay more informed and do their jobs better.”

She added that sometimes communicators stop selling the benefits of an ECE Platform once they have the technology in the house. That’s a mistake. Graebe suggests continuously explaining the positive impact of the platform and how it’s improving productivity and profitability.

Was one of the goals to reduce attrition? Show the recruiting team and head of HR how this is making a difference. Improved social selling was a priority? Provide metrics to the sales leader that demonstrate the expanded reach of the team. Are there anecdotal examples of the great things on the platform or examples of employees offering additional ideas or resources in a comment thread? Let leadership know.

Maybe you’re not embarking on a thousand-mile journey. But ECE Platform adoption is more of a marathon than a sprint. That’s why it’s crucial to track the progress of the program’s success and highlight those wins.

The new guide, “Driving Adoption for Your Employee Communication and Engagement Platform,” provides hands-on examples of how to encourage workers to embrace the new system.

Driving Adoption for Your Employee Communication and Engagement Platform

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