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Dynamic Signal helps organizations connect with their employees at anytime, anywhere and on any device. We also empower them to become influential advocates for their organizations. As the leader in Employee Communication and Engagement, we constantly hear from communicators, marketers and HR professionals around the world who tell us they are eager to learn from each other. And that’s why we created an interactive community called DySi Open.

Now, we’re pleased to announce that DySi Open is now available in Europe! This is your chance to join more than 500 business professionals already using DySi Open to share advice, common business challenges, and best practices to help with their day-to-day work and achieve their career goals. This is an opportunity to join a community of people just like you. DySi Open also is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ready and complies with the European Union’s new standards for personal data privacy.

Creating a Modern Community with DySi Open

We believe that it’s more important than ever to bring together this community because we’re all working to address similar challenges. For instance, we recognize that employee demographics are changing – and that’s having a profound impact on how organizations communicate with employees. As Baby Boomers retire, Millennials now make up the largest portion of the workforce and are moving into management positions. Meanwhile, members of Generation Z are starting to graduate from college and move into their first full-time jobs.

While generational categories often seem too simplistic and are prone to generalizations, there’s no escaping one underlying truth: These younger employees have much different expectations when it comes to how their employers talk and listen to them. They want increased collaboration, transparency, and feedback. And they want organizations to communicate with them on their terms.

We think one of the key benefits of DySi Open is that it allows communication professionals to discuss how these changes are impacting their organizations and what they’re doing to better engage these younger workers. So, in that spirit of sharing and prompting discussion, here are five reasons why we at Dynamic Signal believe internal communication matters more than ever.

No. 1: Work Towards a Goal

As children, all of us asked our parents the question “Why?” at least 100 times a day. Maybe more. That innate quest for a sense of reason and purpose continues to follow us into the workplace.

Employees want to know their goals, understand the plans for getting there, and be confident about the value of their contributions toward those objectives. They want to feel valued, listened to, and part of a team that’s doing great work. This is especially true for Millennials and Gen Z workers, who rely heavily on feedback and crave interaction. Having grown up in the age of social media, they’re accustomed to a constant flow of likes, sharing, and comments. When they come to work, they expect this same kind of validation and sense of being heard.

In addition, a recent global survey of 26,000 LinkedIn members, conducted by the research firm Imperative, found that 73 percent of participants want a career in which they feel their job matters.

Clear, transparent and authentic internal communication creates a trustworthy bond between the organization and workers in a way that naturally motivates employees to work toward a common goal. It helps them believe in a higher calling. By letting them in on the “why,” companies can better engage them in the “what” and “how.”

No. 2: Remain in Control of the Message

Employees should never learn about important company news from an external source. Yet the new reality is that news is accessible on our mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Companies no longer control the message. That genie is out of the bottle. And this situation intimidates many companies. But the only way to confront that challenge is by learning to match that external speed and to make the company’s message readily available — quickly, easily and as authentically as possible. This is not just during crisis situations, either. It must be part of day-to-day operations.

Organizations need to establish a fast, interactive, and reliable channel that reaches all employees. That means digital. And today, digital means mobile. New technologies can help companies create trust and transparency while remaining in control of the message and keeping employees informed.

No. 3: Empower Employees and Drive Transparency

At most companies, information cascades down through their hierarchies. But that trickle of information often results in delays, limited feedback, and a complete dependence upon the individual efforts of each person in the chain. While plenty of messages are going out, the problem is that most of them aren’t reaching the people who actually do the work.

Strong internal communication streamlines that process and ensures there are no breaks in the information change. It also will lessen the toxic impact of the rumor mill when information is timely and frequently communicated. It will help employees to interpret information as well as instructions. Gossip will be less toxic to company culture.

Employees put a high premium on transparency in their interactions with management – even naming it the top factor in determining their happiness and satisfaction in the workplace. Strong internal communication helps organizations better understand the workforce and enable two-way conversations.

No. 4: In a Crisis, Internal Communication Holds Everything Together

Timely, prudent communication is key to mastering an internal or external crisis. The way your employees and the general public view an incident is a major factor in whether or not something erupts into a full-blown crisis. Yet research has found that managers often communicate significantly less with employees during a crisis.

Time-critical communication depends on effective channels that reach a majority of employees.

Not only can internal communication help you steer perceptions about a situation, but it also supports short- and long-term crisis management. Short-term management addresses the incident itself. Long-term plans are more focused on preserving the company’s reputation and enacting measures in order to prevent negative situations from repeating. Having organizational structure, plans, and channels in place before a crisis hits, allows you to handle crisis situations better.

No. 5: Create a Better Work Environment

A positive work culture can help companies avoid high turnover rates and attract new talent.

The turnover rate in Europe is around 7.1% and results in a cost of billions in terms of lost productivity. Millennials, in particular, contribute to the fluctuations of the job market. Up to 40 percent say they are willing to change their position within the next two years. Companies need to give them reasons to stay. Transparent internal communication provides constant feedback and increases the employee engagement, which decreases turnover and ultimately saves your company money.

This creates the kind of positive culture that will give your company an edge in today’s highly competitive market. Ultimately, there’s no better advertisement for your brand than happy employees and happy customers.

We created DySi Open to provide an opportunity for you to preview what a modern, streamlined employee communication platform could look like for your organization. Download DySi Open and experience the power of managing your internal communication efforts in an easy, controlled manner.

How to get started:

  1. Click here if you have an Apple/iOS device, or click here if you have an Android device.
  2. Download the app onto your smartphone. You’ll see the DySi Open logo appear on your screen.
  3. After you’ve completed the download, open up the app to see the latest in industry news and content.
  4. If you like what you see, sign up to check out even more content and have the ability to like, comment, share, and even submit your own content as well!

After you download DySi Open:

  • Receive alerts and push notifications
  • Share approved content
  • Like and comment on relevant content in your feed

We look forward to hearing from you within the DySi Open community!

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