Transforming Employee Communication at Booz Allen

Booz Allen Hamilton faced a big challenge with employee communication.

The global management and technology consulting firm needed to ensure that its nearly 25,000 employees had the information they needed to shine with clients as well as become better advocates for the company.

Grant McLaughlin“We wanted to get the attention of employees and get materials directly into their hands on a routine basis,” said Grant McLaughlin, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer. “We wanted to help set them up as brand ambassadors. … Maybe you could do that easily with an organization that sat in one building. But because our employees are so dispersed, there was just no traditional way to do that.”

In fact, 75 percent of those extremely busy employees do not work at company locations. Many don’t even have access to Booz Allen tools or resources.

The firm partnered with Dynamic Signal to add an Employee Communication and Engagement Platform to strengthen the bond with the workforce. But what catapulted the program to success was the structured adoption program Booz Allen developed to encourage platform use by employees. At a recent webinar, McLaughlin explained the strategy and shared their remarkable results over the past 18 months.

  • 41 percent of the workforce has registered for the Engage by Dynamic Signal platform
  • Employees have shared 35,000 pieces of content, generating 41 million impressions
  • Social media engagement has driven more than 4,500 additional visits to

“We’ve blown through almost every single one of our pre-launch goals, and it’s only getting stronger,” McLaughlin said. “We typically see with our user base about two million impressions a month. It has jumped to two million impressions a week. It’s moving in the right direction.”

McLaughlin jokes that he and his team are “reformed consultants.” As they mapped out a launch plan, though, they returned to their roots by taking a consultant’s approach to designing a rollout strategy.


Watch highlights from the webinar below:


Dynamic Signal’s ECE Platform enables organizations to connect all employees, wherever they are, with valuable work-related information as well as content they can share in their networks. For Booz Allen, it wasn’t just introducing a new communication technology to employees. It was about changing the company culture. Booz Allen, which works in the defense and intelligence sectors, previously had been reticent about employees discussing the company on social media.

So, McLaughlin’s team took the time to listen to what employees wanted from the platform. What would help them do their jobs? What would they be comfortable sharing? What would enable them to become the storytellers of the Booz Allen brand?

The team went to work using that feedback. The company social media policy was updated. Training sessions were organized to make employees feel more confident about discussing their Booz Allen experiences online. A select group of employees participated in a pilot program to make sure the platform met their needs and expectations.

Employee Communication PlatformWhen it was rolled out to the entire company, Engage by Dynamic Signal contained captivating Booz Allen content that employees wanted to share with their networks. The result: a thriving, growing community.

“At the core, we want to engage our employees,” McLaughlin said. “Our 25,000-person workforce is the heart, the soul, the blood, the tissue that connects the institution. We always keep coming back to the idea of the power of our people. The underpinning to all of that is how do we engage them? How do we make them more effective and build their careers?”

Because of Dynamic Signal’s integration with Workday, executives and team leaders can segment messages directly to the right people. For instance, if a team has a meeting scheduled, materials can be sent to every member in advance.

“It’s working fantastically,” McLaughlin added. “It’s so much easier for leaders to reach their employees and be able to connect with every person as an individual. … Now I wish we would have done (the integration) even faster.”

Employees have closer ties with the organization as well as a golden opportunity to build their brands. They are more informed and mobilized to amplify the Booz Allen story with clients, potential job candidates and the larger world.

But the best is yet to come, McLaughlin said. The hope is to have 50 percent of the firm participating within the next year.

“Our goal now is to figure out new ways to use this tool,” he said. “We need to find out from employees what they can do differently in their day to make their lives easier and to better engage their audiences. That’s how we bring even more people into the program.”

Watch the full webinar “Get Engaged: Transforming Employee Communication at Booz Allen Hamilton” to hear Grant McLaughlin tell the full story of how the firm is driving adoption for its Employee Communication and Engagement Platform.

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