Rapid Fire Friday with Communication Expert, Becky Graebe

I’m not going to bury the lede. It’s not often that I’m left speechless. But the final answer in this week’s DySi Rapid Fire Friday definitely did just that. And we’ll get there. But first…

Here’s the thing- Employee Communication and Engagement is no longer a “nice to have.” It’s a critical business function that takes serious skill and understanding of the many ways this discipline has evolved to meet the needs of the modern enterprise and mobile-savvy employees.

Enter Becky Graebe, our Senior Director, Communication Expert who has had a front row seat to this communication evolution, and now shares her insights and expertise with some of the world’s leading organizations as they tackle the new world of modern, streamlined, and measurable Employee Communication and Engagement.

Earlier this year the #DySiTeam was able to lure this sweet, Raleigh rockstar away from SAS (a DySi customer and multi-year recipient of Fortune’s Best Place to Work) after serving on their award-winning internal communication team for 16 years. And I’m downright giddy about putting her in the hot seat for this week’s #DySiRFF!

Becky loved her job – and team – at SAS (Who doesn’t? They’re amazing!) but, as she puts it, “The idea of getting to help all kinds of organizations put something in place that allows employees to more easily understand what’s most important and connects them to real purpose — was too powerful to pass up.”

Despite a demanding travel schedule Becky loves to stay super active when she’s home. She plays tennis and hikes and she is rumored to be an INCREDIBLE home cook. It’s a easy way for her to get her two grow-up kiddos back home for dinner with mom.

In her own words, Becky sums up exactly why she’s so passionate about her role her at Dynamic Signal.

“The energy, pace and purpose of Dynamic Signal is incredibly attractive to me, and I love being surrounded by hundreds of people whose sole focus is to connect employees to the most important initiatives in the workplace. We get to help leaders and employees focus on the most relevant and important initiatives, create an environment that leads to higher engagement, and build trust and transparency. I believe these efforts are critical to the stability and longevity of an organization, and ultimately they link the employee experience to the customer experience.”

Hard to top that!

We love having Becky on the team. In addition to the expertise she shares with our customers, she’s just an all around lovely person who is as easy-going as the Coffee House Radio station she has as her number one pre-set.

In fact, she’s so chill that she didn’t LOSE HER MIND when she received the WORST gift I’ve ever heard of anyone getting. Ever.

You’ll have to watch the video below to hear what that was… and I think you’ll understand my total inability to form a sentence when she reveled what it was.



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