Rapid Fire Friday with Alnour Zarroug

I swear we don’t intentionally hire musically talented people to join the #DySiTeam, but there is a suspicious trend here. In this week’s DySi Rapid Fire Friday, I’m joined by Sales Development Representative, Alnour Zarroug- Who happens to round out our musically gifted staff of opera singers, cover band front-women, and pop stars in-the-making with some serious rap skills.

In his role as a Corporate Sales Development Representative, Alnour has the opportunity to share with prospective clients the critical need for an Employee Communication and Engagement, and facilitate “buttery meetings” (as he would say) for communication and marketing professionals to meet with our fantastic Account Executives to learn more about how Dynamic Signal is helping DySi customers to modernize, streamline, and measure their communication in a way that meets the needs of the modern workforce. He joined us in May of last year and the thing Alnour loves most about his job is the incredible culture on the Corporate team. (And he’s not mad about the tasty lunches, either.)

Speaking of culture. The team work, energy, and A-game that Alnour brings to the office everyday extends well beyond the walls of HQ. Because our fit squad also produces champions! Alnour is 1/3 of a DySy trio that plays in a San Francisco basketball league where they are four-time champs. (Obvi.)

And while San Fransisco is where Alnour hangs his hat, home is Abu Dhabi because that’s where his family lives after transplanting there from the Bay Area when Alnour was in high school. He gets back to see his family a couple of times a year and loves that his journey included time in Abu Dhabi because now he has friends all over the world.

We’re pumped that Alnour was able to join us for #DySiRFF… during which he event dropped some fresh beats. (Is that how the kids say it?)

Watch the full video to find out his pet peeve… and why he’s really going to have to suck it up now. And you can also check out Alnour’s music here. But, umm. It’s NSFW. You’ve been warned.


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