Rapid Fire Friday with Nick Valencia

Over the last year and a half, Corporate Account Executive, Nick Valencia has been lighting up DySi HQ with his billion watt smile and a contagious energy that makes everyone around him happier.

Nick first joined the #DySiTeam as a Sales Development Representative and quickly rose through the ranks, holding a position as a Senior SDR, before moving on to his current role. And now, he hits another milestone- Taking the hot seat for this week’s DySi Rapid Fire Friday.

While it would be hard to nail down our favorite thing about Nick, (It’s a toss up between his supportive, prescriptive approach to helping communication and marketing professionals understand how to best leverage DySi’s Employee Communication and Engagement platform, and the way he just makes the office a better place to be), he has a very clear response for what he loves most about working at Dynamic Signal, saying, “My favorite thing about DySi is the way we all challenge each other, from the top down bottom up, I feel like I get to teach just as much as I learn.” (LOVE HIM!)

Nick grew up in a desert town called Lancaster- but he’s much happier calling Oakland home. EVEN when he has to sleep in a closet! We’re pretty sure Nick exaggerated when he said that Lancaster has 4 Wal-marts in a 6 mile radius, and doesn’t offer much else…. But he offered a stern warning: “My advice? If you’re on the 5 freeway and think, “Oh I wonder where the 14 goes,” stay away. Far away.”

More fun facts about Nick- he’s a daredevil who on his first time rock climbing experience free climbed to 500 feet (NICK!), he once played video games professionally, and he lied about his favorite condiment in the video below. (He thinks it’s horseradish, but all the data points we have around the office say otherwise.)

We’re huge fans if Nicky V and we’re pretty sure you will be, too! Check him out.



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