The Rise of Employee Engagement

As Dynamic Signal CEO and Co-founder Russ Fradin stood on stage before hundreds of communicators, he reminisced about the funny thing that happened on the way to building the company.

The initial plan was to create a new category of Employee Advocacy – helping organizations mobilize workers into powerful advocates. But over the next eight years, the focus gradually shifted from Employee Advocacy to Employee Activation.

This happened, Fradin explained, because Dynamic Signal listened. Customers asked for scalable, robust, and innovative solutions that could revolutionize the way they communicated and engaged with employees – in addition to making them brand ambassadors.

“We continuously asked questions about how you were transforming your companies and learned from all of you,” Fradin told the San Francisco audience on Oct. 11. “You made us realize there was an even bigger opportunity. Advocacy ultimately comes from engagement. And engagement begins with communication. So, we built the capabilities and services that now have made us the leading communication and engagement platform on the market.”

Today, more than 350 customers in all 50 states and 24 countries use Dynamic Signal in a myriad of ways that improve the employee experience – from advocacy to workforce communication to bringing the capabilities of the intranet to the fingertips of every employee. The first-annual Summit by Dynamic Signal conference was a gathering of the worldwide community changing how companies connect with the workforce.

That mission has never been more important, said CMO Joelle Kaufman. Companies are waging a fierce “war for talent” with unemployment at a historic low. Employees now demand a sense of purpose from their job. That means companies must engage workers about the meaning and impact of their work to drive the business forward, she added.

“The overarching theme is that every CEO is talking about the importance of employee experience,” Kaufman said. “Gallup recently reported that 34 percent of workers are engaged, which is an all-time high. But from Dynamic Signal’s perspective, that means 66 percent of the workforce isn’t engaged. There’s a lot of opportunity for all of us to do way better. In fact, Gartner’s Annual CEO Survey identified that the biggest internal risk to growth now is the workforce.”

At the conference, Fradin, Kaufman and Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder Steve Heyman highlighted new capabilities for Dynamic Signal that transform the employee experience at leading companies – both conventionally and digitally. Here’s a quick recap:

Workforce Communication

Getting the attention of employees is harder than ever. The reality is that communicators often have no idea if they’re connecting with the workforce.

It’s why Dynamic Signal has launched custom reporting and analytics to give communicators an unprecedented ability to track engagement and measure the impact of their efforts.

“We’ve built out greater reporting capabilities, so customers have greater insight into the success of their programs,” Heyman said. “This way you can see how your community is working and understand what you can do to make it run better as well as show the value that it’s creating for your company.”

Distributing the Intranet

Most employees never see the critical information stored on their intranet. One study found that only 13 percent visit the intranet on a daily basis.

“Dynamic Signal liberates all of your great content and makes it easy to distribute it everywhere that employees might need to find it,” Kaufman said. “We knew that we had to partner with great technologies and build in integrations so that we could consolidate content from many sources and then deliver it to many places. That’s how we’ve created a truly mobile intranet experience.”

For instance, a partnership with Microsoft – a Dynamic Signal investor – allows for the seamless, real-time integration with the SharePoint content management system and Azure Active Directory.

“Content created in SharePoint can be easily integrated into Dynamic Signal,” Heyman said. “We’ve also made it very easy to get Dynamic Signal content into SharePoint. By integrating both ways, content can be everywhere you need it to be, and the workload is reduced.”

The integration with Azure is especially important because it enables communicators to accurately target communication to specific employees based on their roles, function, location and other criteria. This ensures that employees are always receiving information relevant to them.

“We extend your intranet to create a truly employee-centered experience and make it accessible, personalized and mobile,” Kaufman added.

Employee Advocacy

Research by Gallup, Edelman, and others has found that in this time of declining public trust, people still believe other people. W2O, the platinum sponsor of the Summit, has highlighted the critical importance of employees in keeping brands connected and engaged with their market.

“The people who are trusted the most in organizations are your employees,” Kaufman said. “They are unbelievably powerful advocates.”

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram recently have been making changes in how their platforms interact with other technologies to better regulate their social networks. Dynamic Signal not only has stayed compliant with those changes, but customers have seen an increase in the reach of their Employee Advocacy programs. So, as the return on paid social media programs continues to slip, earned media generated by employees has increased.

“Clicks-per-share have gone up because the people in your company are trusted by their communities,” Kaufman added. “We’re ensuring that your best resource in the market is on-message and motivated to share what’s happening at your company.”

Employee Experience

Companies are focused on keeping employees interested, invested and motivated. That’s why Dynamic Signal has released several features that make it easier to stay in touch with your communities.

  • Newsletters: Designed for mobile to give employees the curated, personalized information they want
  • Quick polls: Instant, one-question surveys to get the pulse of your workforce
  • Email templates: Create emails in the platform targeting specific segments of employees

“Our goal is to empower you, the world’s leading companies, to communicate with, engage and activate their employees through our technology and services,” Fradin said. “And we can’t wait to see what you do next with the platform.”


Insights from Summit by Dynamic Signal

  • June, October, and November are the months when employees are most engaged – and October is the highest
  • Best time of the week to engage employees is Monday morning
  • Content curated by communicators receives the most engagement
  • Videos create 50 percent greater engagement
  • Gamification increases sharing activity by 33 percent
  • Dynamic Signal customers are 150 percent more confident in their ability to measure engagement

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