October is Employee Engagement Month (But Don’t Discount November!)

Good news!

Well, good news if you currently have an Employee Communication and Engagement Platform like Dynamic Signal. (PREFERABLY an ECEP that IS Dynamic Signal.)  

According to our latest analysis, employee engagement increases dramatically in the month of October—up 31 percent from September. Which happens to be a 20 percent jump from the monthly average across the year. The second highest increase in employee engagement occurs in November, which sees 11 percent more engagement than the monthly average. This recurring annual spike in engagement during the critical months of Q4 provides a significant opportunity for organizations to address employees at a time when they have a highly captive audience. (You’re taking notes, yes?)

The Q4 increase makes complete sense. Employees are returning to a regular work schedule after settling in post-summer vaca, managing the hectic Crayola buying season that is September, and gearing up for the next year ahead of the holiday season.

Sidebar: Additional analysis of our data shows that Monday mornings are peak hours for Employee Communication and Engagement. There’s also a significant spike on Thursday mornings.

Dynamic Signal’s analysis examined data from more than 350 customer companies across every industry, in 24 countries, representing over 3 million employees. In addition to October’s small number of holidays, for most businesses it also represents the beginning of Q4. As employees look towards meeting year end goals, sales targets and business KPIs, October represents a critical time for companies to engage with their workforce and meet business objectives. (Shout out to our peers who are eyeball deep in budgeting this time of year, too!)

“Gallup recently reported that 34 percent of workers are engaged, which is an all-time high. But from Dynamic Signal’s perspective, that means 66 percent of the workforce isn’t engaged. When considering Gartner’s Annual CEO Survey identified that the biggest internal risk to growth is the workforce, it’s clear we need to make some changes,” said Joelle Kaufman, Chief Marketing Officer, Dynamic Signal. “October is often when teams are determining budgets and objectives for the coming year, making this a critical time for driving alignment and ensuring every employee feels informed and connected to the organization.”

If you have our Employee Communication and Engagement Platform, you’ve got the ability to connect with your employees wherever they are and on the devices they prefer. (How’s that going? We’d love to hear!) If you don’t, we’re here to help.

Research has shown that companies with highly-engaged employees experience annual revenue growth that is significantly greater than companies with average employee engagement levels. When employees feel informed, connected, and understand how their work impacts the larger organization, productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee retention increase.

“Engagement begins with communication. And while business success depends on effective employee communication year-round, it’s especially important to capitalize on reaching employees in October when they are both most captive and making critical company decisions,” Kaufman said.

Which brings me to the most urgent point…

What are you doing in October and November to engage your people? Time is limited!

October is Employee Engagement Month (But Don't Discount November!)

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