Announcing the DySiCares Grant Program for Nonprofits

It’s been a pretty solid Fall for the #DySiTeam. And today, it just got better.

Maybe it’s serendipity, but October seems to be delivering milestone after milestone! Not only is October Employee Engagement Month, it also happens to be the month of Dynamic Signal’s anniversary. (Last week we celebrated eight years!)  And earlier this month, we hosted our first annual user conference,  Summit by Dynamic Signal, which gathered together 150 leaders in communication, HR, and marketing for a jam-packed day of networking, learning and celebrating the evolution in Employee Communication and Engagement.

But the exciting company moments haven’t stopped there.

Today, we’re very proud to announce the launch of the DySiCares Grant Program. This new grant is an extension of our internal, employee-led Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, #DySiCares, and will provide nonprofit entities with our mobile-first, technology platform to modernize, streamline, and measure employee and volunteer communication and engagement. And we can’t wait to get DySi’s leading ECE Platform into the hands of a few fantastic philanthropic organizations.

“This grant program for nonprofits is a new way to assist philanthropic organizations through DySiCares, our internal Employee Resource Group that enables Dynamic Signal employees to demonstrate our corporate values in action while also supporting our local communities,” said Bong Suh, Chief of Corporate Affairs at Dynamic Signal, and executive sponsor of DySiCares. “The DySiCares grant program is special to us because it’s an employee-led charge, extending the same spirit of connection our technology offers to companies and their employees, to the non-profit organizations focused on making a positive change in the world. Additionally, we’re excited to provide tools for non-profit staff, volunteers and donors to more easily amplify the work their organizations are doing with their social networks.”

Applications for the grant are open until November 27th, 2018  and we’ll announce the winners at the end of the year. To qualify for the Dynamic Signal DySiCares grant program, nonprofits must be a registered 501(c)(3) with a minimum of 500 employees/volunteers. All the details and the application can be found here, but the high level news is that selected organizations will receive a three-year license to our award-winning Employee Communication and Engagement platform for up to 5,000 users, and we’ll also pay for two members of each organization to travel to our Silicon Valley headquarters for a personalized platform training session that will include program configuration, a detailed launch plan, and a strategic workshop sharing best practices utilized by our Fortune 100 clients.

“One of the biggest challenges facing the nonprofit community is securing the technology needed to easily deliver timely, relevant information to their many distributed audiences – employees, volunteers, donors and directors, however those individuals prefer to receive information and engage with it,” said Joelle Kaufman, Chief Marketing Officer at Dynamic Signal. “Many of these organizations operate on tight budgets, with limited time and resources needed to communicate quickly, and at scale, in a measurable way that ensures their messages are getting through. We want them to have access to the most convenient, scalable Employee Communication and Engagement platform that will help them achieve their missions.”

We obviously believe in the power of a connected, aligned workforce filled with empowered people who feel informed and valued- And we love that we’re providing the technology for so many global companies to implement strong Employee Communication and Engagement programs. Here on the home front, we’re pretty darn excited for this grant program as the latest articulation of our values and company culture.

So if you’re a nonprofit, or know one in need of Dynamic Signal, take a look at the DySiCares Grant Program application page. And stay tuned to hear which fantastic organizations will soon be joining the DySi family.


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G.I. Sanders

G.I. Sanders is Senior Director, Creative Services at Dynamic Signal. He specializes in entrepreneurship, digital and social media, design, and marketing. G.I. is based in Dallas, TX with his wife and two sons. Passions include technology, startups, music, fitness and sports.