Don’t Ditch Your Intranet – Expand It!

It’s no secret that corporate intranet software is failing employees.

Studies show that workers are less engaged than ever before, and productivity has suffered because of it. On top of that, with more than 40 percent of the workforce considered “remote” or “deskless,” the intranet is quickly becoming irrelevant.

Still, almost 90 percent of companies say the intranet is a crucial part of their strategy to keep employees informed. With intranets as entrenched in the corporate culture, it’s virtually impossible to replace them with other technology. And attempts to “fix” them are costly, time-consuming, and still don’t appeal to employees.

What’s required is a different way of thinking. Expand the reach of your intranet with an Employee Communication and Engagement (ECE) Platform.

Take Your Intranet to Your Employees

One of the most significant drawbacks of intranets today is the “information destination” model. For as long as intranets have existed, they have been a static resource where employees had to go to access information. But once there, they meet a labyrinthine maze as they hunt to find what they need. It’s wasted effort.

Information consumption has changed. Today, people expect it to be delivered to them, customized to their interests and as quickly as possible. That’s what happens in our personal lives. Why should it be any different at work? Intranets, however, are unable to do this. Instead, generic information gets posted in one central place, and little effort is made to make relevant to each employee.

Even worse, many of today’s employees are unable to access the company intranet – often hidden behind a firewall – leaving the entirely out of the loop. Corporate intranet software is not made to handle the needs of the 21st-century worker. According to Gallup, 43 percent of employees say they work remotely at least part of the time, leaving them without access to important corporate communications. So, the limitations of these intranet systems are leaving almost half of all workers behind. Just think about how that gap impacts productivity and revenue?

It’s evident that something needs to be done. Times are changing, and internal communication methods need to change as well. “Millennials” entering the labor market grew up with huge leaps in technological innovation. They consider smartphones almost as an extension of themselves. It only makes sense to expand the reach of your organization’s intranet through mobile devices.

When you take a step back and consider just how much the workforce and workplace attitudes have changed in the last decade, it becomes clear what’s needed: an ECE Platform.

How ECEs Can Help Your Intranet

An ECE Platform extends your organization’s intranet to reach your employees wherever they are, in the manner they prefer. It can distribute news and information, in real time, to workers and employees directly to their fingertips – eliminating the need for them to visit a centralized intranet. Instead, the intranet comes to them. The information also can be targeted and customized to individual employees, so they’re receiving content that’s relevant to their jobs and roles.

It also solves the problem of communicating with those “remote” or “deskless” workers. Since they already have mobile devices in their pockets, an ECE Platform is the perfect way to engage them. This expanded intranet brings together employees all over the country or world, improves communication between teams, and between front-line workers and management.

Improved communication can have a major impact on your organization. Employees who are more engaged can act as advocates for the company by sharing and promoting news and announcements on social media. Imagine having a countless number of additional voices passionately promoting your organization on Twitter and Facebook.

Engaged employees are also more productive. Companies with engaged employees outperformed others by more than 200 percent. Also, increasing your investment in employee engagement can result in an extra $2,400 profit per employee per year.

Better Corporate Intranet Solutions

Corporate communication has not kept pace with the rapidly changing workforce and economy. The rise of remote workers and technological advancements have rendered many employee engagement methods obsolete. Companies relying on these outdated methods are falling behind, with lowered employee morale and productivity as a consequence.

By expanding and increasing the reach of current intranet infrastructure, organizations can bring their communication efforts into the 21st century. Instead of requiring employees to be tied to a desk to access important information from a computer, Employee Communication and Engagement Platforms can bring them to the computers already in employee pockets – their mobile devices.

Corporate intranet software has limitations that are hindering modern organizations in noticeable ways. A more mobile workforce demands a more mobile communications platform, something that an ECE Platform is uniquely qualified to do. By bringing the company to them, you can make your employees more connected, more engaged, and more productive.

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