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Experts from Dynamic Signal customers Nestle, Mercer, and SAS weigh in on how they think about employee training in the context of Employee Communication and Engagement.

Technology has changed the way we communicate. (Thank goodness!) The world is evolving- and with it, our roles as communicators, storytellers, and people wranglers.

We are all looking to modernize, streamline, and measure our Employee Communication and Engagement in way that really moves the needle for our organizations and our employees. Whether it’s empowering and equipping new content managers in your Dynamic Signal Employee Communication and Engagement Platform, teaching employees the basics of social media, or socializing your brand values and company goals to ensure alignment, prioritizing (and scaling) training for employees has become essential for ensuring every person at the company feels informed and connected.

Our DySi Elite Community of communicators, marketers, executives, and HR professionals have been on the front lines of this evolution and so we asked them, “When it comes to keeping employees informed, on message, and empowered, how do you prioritize and scale employee training?” (And these Dynamic Signal customers were not shy to share what they’ve been up to!)

An Investment in Training is an Investment in Success

Here at SAS, we have a unique program for social advocacy called The 140. What started with 140 employees is now flourished well beyond 500. We use the program to NOT just get people to spew corporate content but to be better, socially-active employees. On top of an in-house-made-online learning course for social media, there are monthly workshops around everything from LinkedIn profiles refreshes to ‘how to take better phone photos’ to ‘how to do research online effectively’. Alli [SAS’s Social Media, Employee Engagement and Education Specialist] runs an always-on model and on-boards new members twice a year after they’re vetted. In the process of doing this, we rarely have to advertise the program because we’ve…made it cool. People WANT to be in the group. It isn’t just Marketing people either. We take EVERY employee. At SAS that means we have data scientists sitting next to daycare teachers, next to interior designers, next to salespeople. Everyone comes to the program with different goals and reasons to use social media and we help them accomplish that. I’m proud to even be able to help on this wildly successful program.”

Brandy Mann, Social Media Specialist at SAS

(Sidebar: While Brandy is too humble to say it, SAS’s Dynamic Signal-powered, The140, is an award-winning program. Several times over!) 

At Mercer, Learning is Baked in to Their Culture.

“Working with our Leadership & Development Team, we have tried to foster a culture of lifelong learning. The era of going to school for one period in your life and then using those same skills for the rest of your career is over. At Mercer, the concept of lifelong learning is not only something that we foster internally but something we talk to our clients about as part of guiding them into the future of work. We deliver this message throughout our leadership messages and HR communications that constant re-skilling and upskilling is the best way to stay agile in our rapidly changing economy. It’s how they as professionals can stay ahead of the curve, and it is how it keeps Mercer agile as a Firm. Our L&D group has done a brilliant job of moving to online training (“virtual festivals”) and peer-to-peer training, which not only broadens what is taught but increases the number of trainers. Finally, Our L&D team also has driven the philosophy that learning can happen anywhere. So they stress using tools they offer (e.g., Harvard Business Review online library) and free tools (e.g., YouTube Ted Talks) for learning-on-your-own time.”

Adam Schair, Global Colleague Communications Leader at Mercer

The Team at Nestle Takes an Integrated Approach

“We have integrated ourselves into the new hire/transfer orientation process. We get 15 minutes with all new employees on campus to share with them our vision for employee advocacy and engagement by merging our Dynamic Signal program together with our social media outreach. We have also supplemented this with additional social trainings and workshops to different groups to help them build awareness about the social space and how to share their Nestle world story on their social channels! It’s been going great so far.”

Macarena Ivanissevich, Communications Manager at Nestle

The Learning Continues…

The agenda for our recent user conference, Summit by Dynamic Signal, included an Interactive Learning Session. A time for attendees to learn from each other, share ideas, and swap best practices. There were a wide variety of topics from which the HR, communication, and marketing leaders could choose, and it just so happens that scaling and prioritizing training was a topic that surfaced at multiple tables.

Our own Associate Product and Customer Marketing Manager, Katie Rubak, shared one of of her favorite snippets from the day: “Reach out and partner with your organization’s Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s) for fresh content and to drive engagement among Members. Employees involved in affinity groups are passionate individuals who frequently look forward to and engage with the content that comes from their ERG (i.e. volunteering opportunities, meeting announcements, event photos).”

And since she’s spent some time managing Dispatch, our own in-house Dynamic Signal Employee Communication and Engagement program, Katie weighs in with her own tips.

“Teach a man to fish! There’s no point in having an awesome ECE program filled with great information if your employees don’t know how to use it. So we start on day 1. From the moment new employees begin their on-boarding process, they learn that Dispatch is their go-to for company news and information and accessing training, branding, and messaging documents and videos on demand. With 5 offices around the world, operating at scale means we have to empower employees to get what they need when they need it without having to wait for us. They feel trusted and empowered- and it shows in the rich Employee Advocacy that’s resulted from our strong internal communication and engagement. ”

How are you thinking about the importance of keeping every employee on brand, on message, and aligned with your company goals and values? Agree with our experts? Join the conversation and tweet at us with your thoughts!


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