Communicating to a Changing Workforce with ING in the UK

Communicators are facing big industry challenges.

Not only is today’s workforce evolving, but technology is changing the way employees and customers prefer to get their information. Mobile communication has made it easier for organisations to reach employees and help them become passionate advocates for the brand.

The financial industry has an additional challenge: navigating strict regulatory requirements. Martha McKenzie-Minifie, Head of Corporate Communications for the UK, Middle East and Ireland at ING, recently joined Robyn Hannah, Senior Director of Global Communication from Dynamic Signal, to discuss these topics in a thought-provoking webinar.

The modern workplace is going through profound changes. Today, 35 percent of the UK workforce is made up of Millennials and by 2020, it is estimated to increase to 50 percent. These digital natives have never known a world without mobile devices.

ING has a well-earned reputation as an innovative bank and internally refers to the company as the first fintech business with the creation of ING Direct. ING brings this attitude of innovation to the way it communicates with employees. For instance, the company is well-known for using real video which creates authenticity.

Creating a destination for sharable content

But as McKenzie-Minifie explains, the challenge isn’t just about communicating with Millennials. It’s about catering to three or four generations in the workplace. ING UK solves this by communicating to colleagues in a way that works for them – using a multichannel approach.

ING UK’s employee advocacy programme is powered by Dynamic Signal. By using this platform, the company has created a single destination where employees know they can see ING public content at any time that suits them. McKenzie-Minifie explained that the financial industry faces rules and regulations around the sharing of information. But ING in the UK is able to cater for this on social media by using Dynamic Signal, which sets very clear boundaries and enables employees to easily share company-approved content.

Three-part approach

ING launched Share It as a pilot programme in the UK with a three-part approach.

  • The first step was ensuring that the global social media guidelines were in place in the UK.
  • The second part was to provide social media training to employees around building their personal brand on social media.
  • The third part was actually launching the Dynamic Signal platform with content that was safe to share.

The programme and training both are 100- percent voluntary and intended for the “hand-raisers” at ING in the UK who see the value in expanding their social media presence.

Finding “hidden gems”

Out of the programme has come what McKenzie-Minifie calls “hidden gems.” One example is when employees are engaging on social media personally, but then realise that they hadn’t thought about engaging on social in a professional context. They often become strong advocates for the programme.

To listen to the full webinar, please click here.

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