Rapid Fire Friday with Meredith Gadoury

WELCOME BACK to #DySiRFF! It’s been a few months since our last Rapid Fire Friday, and we’re thrilled to return with one of the most cheerful, kind, huge-hearted, super-funny, super-smart people on the #DySiTeam. (And possibly Earth.) Meet Meredith Gadoury!

Meredith joined Dynamic Signal almost a year ago as our Senior Manager of Account Based Marketing, which seems sort of impossible. There was a time before Meredith?

This amazing person oversees more than just our ABM program. If you’ve happened to catch a #DySiWebinar this year, you can thank Meredith’s team for making that happen. Her team also has the fun job of creating really cool marketing campaigns. These include creative direct mail campaigns for the HR, communication, and marketing leaders in the DySi ecosystem. Supporting our sales and marketing efforts doesn’t stop in The States, either. The reach of Meredith’s team extends all the way to London, where our favorite Aussie colleague, and former DySi customer, Ariane Gaetani, runs our EMEA marketing programs.

(And if you happen to be in London at the end of this month, join us for a live event!)

You would think Meredith already has her hands full getting the word out about DySi’s Employee Communication and Engagement platform. But she has one more major thing on her plate. Or more accurately, our plates.

Meredith. Can. Cook.

Early morning marketing meetings? Don’t worry, Meredith whips us up some breakfast. Birthday? No problem. Meredith has your (insert dietary restriction here) cake. Slammed at SKO? Meredith makes sure there are snacks ready for the super-busy events team that’s making the magic happen behind the scenes.

East Coast original!

And she doesn’t stop there! This Georgetown alum is a team problem solver. Cold? (Because the AC is always blasting in the office.) Meredith magically has a blanket. Expired passport and an impending business trip? Meredith researches the best expediting service, prints out the application, maps out the closest Walgreens to get a photo taken, and hunts you down until you get it done. (Or so I’ve heard.) 

Hailing from a one-stoplight town in Massachusetts, this clarinet-playing, highly gifted marketer had some surprising stops before working at Dynamic Signal, including a run as a 9th-grade special education teacher with Teach for America.

Check out the video interview and enjoy getting to know more about one of the very special members of our DySiTeam!

P.S.: Also, the greatest cake recipe ever, mentioned in the video can be found here on Food 52. But I assure you that you won’t make it better than Meredith’s version.

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