Rapid Fire Friday with Karl Knights

We speak frequently about how important it is to be authentic – especially with your employees. This is part of how we build trust and create meaningful connections.

And oftentimes, people (fairly) believe they need to temper that raw authenticity a bit for a variety of reasons, including internal politics. Finding balance in your internal and external communication certainly takes a strategic mix of science and art.

But for this week’s #DySiRFF I’m diving into the deep end of authentic communication with a bold statement: London-based Sales Account Executive Karl Knights is my favorite salesperson. Not in London. Not at Dynamic Signal.


First off, Karl is one of the kindest humans on the planet. He is instantly likable – one of those spirits you just KNOW, “This is a great person.” He also happens to be the funniest person you’ll ever meet who isn’t famous. (Yet. And I’m fairly certain that he should be.) His low-key, very dry, very English sense of humor keeps the attentive entertained. He’s as witty and quick as he is trustworthy and empathetic.

That is also why he’s an incredible technology partner to the customers and prospects with whom he works. Karl’s superpower is in his ability to listen intently to the problems so many HR, communication, and marketing leaders are facing when it comes to improving the employee experience. Then he delivers solutions that meet their specific business goals. And in his two-plus years on the #DySiTeam, Karl has supported the Employee Communication and Engagement transformation at some of the largest organizations in EMEA. He’s also developed quite the fan club!

Karl’s fancy cat, and less fancy, but still very cute, dog.

This very amazing father of two lives a decent hike from the #DySiLondon office with his equally amazing (and talented photographer) wife on a beautiful property with chickens, and a fancy cat, and a dog. And wild animals that sometimes eat the aforementioned chickens. (Let’s just say, the Knights family is not a fan of one very hungry fox.) And while they don’t mind the snow they’ve seen this winter, this family still travels to some pretty amazing places.

But you’ll have to check out this week’s Rapid Fire Friday video below to hear all about it.

You’ll also get to hear about Karl’s worst job ever, which unsurprisingly, remains absent from his LinkedIn page. And we would not have EVER guessed what it was.

Enjoy my favorite, and it’s okay if he becomes yours.


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