Rapid Fire Friday with Zara Cross

If you’ve been following Dynamic Signal’s Instagram stories this week, you know that #DySiLondon is IN. THE. HOUSE. And they are really, really funny. (I mean, we already introduced you to Karl, so you should know this.)

One of the primary forces behind the London Team Takeover, is also in the spotlight for this week’s Rapid Fire Friday.

Meet Zara Cross. (You’re welcome.)

Yes. Her name sounds like she could be a celebrity. And yes. She’s already one in our hearts. But we’re also pretty confident that her YouTube career will one day take off and she’ll become as famous as she should be. (With the very likely catch phrase of, “Hey guys…”)

A critical member of our Customer Success organization serving our EMEA customers, Zara has been on the #DySiTeam for almost a year and a half. And when it comes to ensuring that our DySi customers have powerful Employee Communication and Engagement programs that drive meaningful business impact, Zara is an incredibly valuable resource- And very much appreciated by the program managers who rely on her partnership to connect, engage, and activate their employees around the globe.

Since joining Dynamic Signal, Zara also very quickly transformed the London Bridge office culture. In addition to an infectious smile and great attitude, Zara also brightens the office with her particular brand of quirky comedy delivered through odd trinkets (like the creepy “tiny hands” pencil toppers shown in the video below), hilarious “reviews” of Dynamic Signal swag, and she ensures everyone feels included… Including the former(?) resident mouse (Nigel Squeekton) who she cites as her favorite thing about DySi London.

(When in fact, her REAL favorite thing about the London office is Customer Success Manager, Jonny Hill- Her desk neighbor and often begrudging #Vlog co-host.)

Fun facts- Zara is a LEGIT weight lifter, and yes, she can probably squat more than you. She kidnaps “re-homes” cats. (More on THAT in the #DySiRFF video below.) And she may or may not be the author behind a series of emails that appear to come from Nigel, the evicted mouse.

As beautiful as she is brilliant, Zara is one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet.

But she’s very busy being awesome. So after you watch her in this weeks’s Rapid Fire Friday, please don’t try to slide into her DM’s, okay?


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