Dynamic Signal Announces SharePoint Integration- Expanding Microsoft Partnership

Dynamic Signal and our partners at Microsoft have some exciting news to share!

The availability of Dynamic Signal’s Microsoft SharePoint integration was just announced and we’re not sure who is more excited- The #DySiTeam or the thousands of HR and communication leaders who have been looking for a way to extend the benefits of SharePoint and enable targeted content distribution to more employees, on more channels, in a way that is convenient and personalized.

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most widely used, widely recognized intranet platforms on the planet, and since Dynamic Signal is the leading platform for Employee Communication and Engagement- this was a natural integration.

“Today’s employees expect real-time information and immediate access to the news and tools they need to feel informed and connected at work. We’re excited to deepen our relationship with Microsoft by offering an out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft SharePoint, a leading intranet platform,” said Dynamic Signal CEO, Russ Fradin. “We’re working to improve the employee experience at companies around the world. This integration with SharePoint means that all the important content on a company’s intranet can be pulled seamlessly into the Dynamic Signal platform and easily distributed to the right employees on the channels and devices they prefer.”

We’re in Good Company

Dynamic Signal is an M12 company, and this integration punctuates the close collaboration with Microsoft while increasing productivity, boosting employee alignment, and saving communication and HR teams hundreds of hours in duplicating communication across all the different channels used in the enterprise. (Raise your hand if you love that!)

“At Microsoft, our primary mission is to deliver comprehensive, best-in-class solutions and services that can be fully integrated into any platform structure,” said Mike Ammerlaan, director, Microsoft Office 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft Corp. “We are pleased that Dynamic Signal is driving more efficiency and empowering employees to stay informed and engaged across channels and across organizations.” (We’re pretty pleased ourselves.)

Welcome to the Future

Improving the employee experience, is top of mind for every organization today. And we’re all about improving the employee experience- While also modernizing and streamlining the company communication process for HR, communication, marketing, and IT teams. With this Dynamic Signal SharePoint integration, any information that is put into SharePoint can automatically be added to an organization’s Dynamic Signal platform and easily distributed to any employee.

Yes. That means you no longer have to cross your fingers and hope employees will go TO your intranet content. Because now, with DySi’s SharePoint integration, you can deliver that important news and information directly to the employees who need it on SMS, mobile push notification, desktop push notification, Slack, Yammer, Salesforce, email- You name it! (And, what’s even better, you’ll have improved measurement and metrics!)

From factory workers and field employees, to knowledge workers in every time zone, Dynamic Signal customers can connect, engage and activate everyone in the organization for a dramatic improvement in the employee experience. This latest extension of our Microsoft partnership is ensuring even better outcomes. And we can’t wait to share some customer success stories with you. Give us a shout if you want to learn more!

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