What Business Leaders Are Saying about Employee Advocacy

A structured Employee Advocacy program can have a significant impact on any brand. But don’t just take our word for it.

We’ve compiled some great quotes from business leaders and innovators about why Employee Advocacy is a smart business strategy. Many of these come from successful Dynamic Signal customers, who also happen to be exceedingly nice people and are more than happy to share their knowledge.

So, here are some insights from some of the best and brightest in business.

Daniel Guzman“We tend to hear from brands themselves or senior leaders, who can be very scripted.  It lacks that raw edge and authenticity that makes it feel like a regular conversation. Brands don’t build trust, people do. People really are the future of a brand and its voice. There’s an opportunity for brands to truly understand that you’re sitting on a gold mine with your employees.”

Danielle Guzman, Global Head of Social Media and Distributed Content, Mercer

Karyn Scott“You make every person in your organization an extension of the marketing team. People often don’t know how to share their passion for the company with the world. But they will if you give them a super-easy way that also just happens to get into watering holes where prospects are hanging out.”

Karyn Scott, Head of Marketing, Flexport


“Imagine you’re a business owner and you have 100 things to worry about. Social media is way down on their list. But they’re starting to realize that the way they communicate with their audience is part of sales, inventory, warranty, and everything else that’s important. It’s coupled with everything in your business.”

­­– Hank Lea, eCommerce and Marketing Communications Manager, Johnstone Supply

“It’s one thing when you see brands brag about themselves. It’s another thing when employees share genuine pride in the place where they work. When you see a post from a company, it feels like a logo talking to you. But when you see a post from a friend or a colleague, you’re looking at it as a human being who is sharing their thoughts and feelings. It has a different vibe. It has credibility.”

Kirt Zimmer, the Senior Manager of Social Media Marketing, Robert Half 

Michael Brito“You don’t need everyone in the organization involved. If you can get the one percent of storytellers and nine more percent engaged, then you’re going to win. That one percent is going to write the blog post, write the Glassdoor review, start a discussion. Then the nine percent is going to amplify it by sharing. That’s a huge opportunity for a company.”

­– Michael Brito, author of “Participation Marketing: Unleashing Employees to Participate and Become Brand Storytellers”

“We all know that people are shopping online. They’re talking to their friends. They’re talking to other business owners. All of this is happening before they’re going to brands. So, having your employees out there sharing the story not only of the brand but the stories of themselves is really critical.”

Heather Dopson, Community Builder, GoDaddy


“Go direct to employees with fact-based information about the issues of the day, supplementing the mainstream media, which has been winnowed by a difficult business model. Give employees a voice on your channels.”

Richard Edelman, president and CEO, in the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer


Kirsten Hamstra“There are plenty of employees who want nothing to do with social, and that’s totally fine. We’re not looking to change their minds or mandate participation. But there is a percentage of people who are active on social, and we needed to create a more structured program for them. This is for the hand-raisers. When people are excited and see that this helps them, they become effective advocates.”

Kirsten Hamstra, Global Head of Social Media, SAS

“Our content is easy to digest. It’s timely. It’s relevant. It’s meaningful. It connects where it’s supposed to connect. Employees now are engaged, and they’re more empowered to be journalists themselves. It’s really important for us to treat our employees like brand ambassadors and not like widgets.”

Grant McLaughlin, the Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Booz Allen Hamilton


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