Dynamic Signal Introduces Industry First Desktop Application for Employee Communication and Engagement 

Dynamic Signal’s Desktop Application Allows Organizations to Easily Reach and Engage Employees on Desktop, Ensuring Compliance and Easy Deployment 

We’ve got some exciting news coming out of DySi HQ! Today we announced the industry’s first desktop application, extending the functionality of our award-winning platform for employee communication, engagement, and advocacy. The new feature makes it easier than ever to deploy, access, and utilize the Dynamic Signal platform for a streamlined user experience.

Dynamic Signal’s new desktop application extends the reach of communication to all employees across any channels, on whatever devices they prefer, while cutting through the noise of cluttered inboxes and collaboration tools. Now employees can easily stay informed and connected with native desktop notifications and without having to navigate to an outside web destination.

“We wanted to deliver the exceptional Dynamic Signal experience in a browserless desktop application in order to amplify notifications and support employees with the information they need, where and how they want it,” said Joelle Kaufman, CMO, Dynamic Signal. “Our new desktop app extends these benefits while allowing the platform to be managed by the IT department and installed on every company-managed computer.”

Dynamic Signal Desktop App

As communication has become more fragmented, organizations need a streamlined and effective way to connect, engage and activate employees as brand advocates. Despite the availability of more systems and more channels for communication than ever before, employees have been left feeling both overwhelmed and uninformed. A recent survey by Dynamic Signal found that 80 percent of U.S. workers have felt stress due to poor communication at work, and 63 percent have considered quitting as a result.

“Communicators have to adapt in order to engage a rapidly changing workforce. The expectations are greater than ever to deliver information to all employees, wherever they work,” said Ally Greer, Marketing Manager at Autodesk. “Autodesk is an innovative company that deeply cares about our employees and partners. Making sure employees feel engaged and empowered is less about how we want to distribute content, and more about how employees want to receive it. Dynamic Signal has created an easy-to-use desktop application that we were able to deploy almost instantly to connect with employees across the company.”

Has your organization made the jump to modernizing communication for your workforce? Does the way you communicate with employees make them feel connected, aligned, engaged and empowered? If not, we’d love to share how hundreds of global customers are using Dynamic Signal to transform their businesses. Let’s get something on the books!


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